Much Better

I had to make it lighter. I edited my layout and got rid of the dark. Since the last time I really blogged we’ve been through well life. I can’t talk to my dad. Every time I’ve tried to call I get hung up on. I don’t know if it’s him or his wife. I have to assume it’s his wife. I can imagine she wasn’t happy with the way I talked to her when my dad called me to tell me she was kicking him out. So I doubt she wants me talking to him. Needless to say it breaks my heart. I love my dad so much and all I’ve ever wanted for him was for him to be happy. All I’ve wanted was to be a part of their lives. Now I can’t even speak to him. I’ve decided to stop trying. It hurts too much every time I call and get hung up on. When he’s able or ready to talk to me he knows where to find me. I just hope it’s soon.

We’ve been battling bugs over the past month. I kid you not. When one person starts to feel better someone else comes down with it or something else. We’ve been through colds and strep throat. It’s been painful and terrible. Everyone seems to be over it now. Knock on wood… I really hope so. I am tired of being sick and I know Sascha and Fumiko are as well. I also made my first order at Eden Fantasys, they sell sex toys. We placed and order for Valentine’s Day, and got free two day shipping. But unfortunately a blizzard in that part of the country delayed our package. :( So we didn’t get it until the following Monday. Regardless we’re still pleased with the things we ordered and the box was completely discreet. It didn’t even have their company name on it. I really appreciated that. I’m definitely going to be placing another order when we’re able to. :) Oh Jenn is also holding a giveaway for a sex toy. ;) Go check it out!

Fumiko has been potty training for quite some time. She goes “pee pee” in the potty with no problem most of the time. But “poo poo” is another story. She’s dubbed them bee bee and boo boo. So we’ve been trying to convince her to go poo poo in the potty instead of in her diaper. Hopefully soon. She’s potty training a lot earlier than Sascha did so I’m grateful for that.

Also seriously I can’t get emo vote to work. :( It’s driving me insane. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but instead of colorful little circles I get check boxes. *sigh* Halp? I’ve been wanting to try it out since Jenn posted about it but it doesn’t appear to like me, or I’m not understanding something. :(

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