Really Mother Nature? Really?

This morning I woke up with some cramps but thought nothing of it. I assumed it was like many of the other random days where I have cramping and then it goes away. Nope. My period started up this afternoon. A whole week and a half early. :( My cycles have been 27-30 days for the past year and now out of no where it decides to give me an 18 day cycle. Poop. :SICK: I’m already feeling the cramping and back pain not to mention the constant radiating heat. Ugh. I guess I should have known since I started to break out a couple of days ago. Oh well. On the bright side I was contacted by a couple of people today to do adult toy reviews. :d I may also have a giveaway for an upcoming adult toy. I’m waiting to hear back! I’m excited. :) Who doesn’t love to spice up their love life? Don’t worry though I’ll be posting the reviews behind a warning. :)

I’ve been working on our website for The Herb Garden. Trying to get it set up so people can buy through it. We have the products up now I just need to make categories for the health systems and issues like allergies and such. Then I’ll be putting together a mailing list of my downline to shoot them an email and let them know they can purchase online. :) I’m trying to make myself be better with blogging. I swear! I know I keep saying I need to get back into it and I do. It’s just been hard.

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