Hello Sir, You Have a Hole in Your Head

:O hehe Kai had his 6 month check up today. He has a couple of cavities. Tsk tsk. They also bugged him about getting his wisdom teeth taken out. :/ They don’t hurt, don’t bother him but every time he goes in they want him to get them taken out. Hi, we can’t afford that, even with insurance. Ugh. On the 16th I go in for my frenectomy. *shudder* Those pictures make my stomach hurt. t.t It’s so that when I get my braces off it doesn’t cause the gap between my two front teeth to reopen. Ick.

I need to clean the fridge out and head to the grocery store. I’ve been working on our herb website trying to get products up and pages up. Also working on the mailing list so I can let people know once it’s up. So much to do. So little time. Sascha’s school website was not loading at all for the past day and a half. After talking with technical support for over an hour this morning I finally reset the modem and it started working again. Thanks Comcast… The school let me know that they’ve had families that have had the same problem with Comcast. Pfffft.

I have been slowly leveling a shaman in World of Warcraft. This will be my 4th lvl 80. I grew bored of the hunter and priest I leveled. :( Hopefully the shaman keeps my attention a little longer. I’ll always love my doomchicken. But there’s only so much I can do on her now since I’ve played her for 5 years. Also I need new plugs. :( My bone spirals are too small now. I need to order some 0g spirals. When money allows! >.< I’ve needed to order some new ones for about 5 months. They fall out now. :p Ah well. All in good time. We’re hoping we get enough of a tax refund to pay off our bills and order the ingredients/supplies for Luna Lotus. :d I really want to get my stuff out there and off. :)

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  • @Jenn
    I still have my wisdom teeth. They grew in on their side and slowly flipped over as they came in. It was extremely painful. >.<

    I’ve had braces since a couple of months after Fumiko was born. I’ll be so glad to get them off. It’s been hell. :( Good luck when you get yours! I keep telling myself it will be worth it one day.

  • Have I mentioned how much I hate the dentist? I chipped a small part of one of my upper molars a few weeks ago, and I still haven’t called to get it fixed. Heh.

    As far as wisdom teeth go, it’s great that Kai’s aren’t bothering him. Mine were killing me, so I had all four surgically removed in December of ’07. Even with insurance it was expensive… like $600 or so. Blah. :(

    And that frenectomy? It’s making me cringe. I still need to GET braces, so it looks like I have all sorts of fun things to look forward to. :ROLL: