Potty Training is So Much Fun!

Okay I lied. :p Fumiko is at the stage where she hates diapers. She wants to wear her panties. But, she is still wetting her diaper and more importantly going poo in it. She goes potty every time I set her on the potty, but she’ll also go in between. She only asks to go part of the time so far. But going poo in the potty doesn’t happen. I’m not sure how to get her to want to? I’ve gone so far as to actually dump the poo from her diaper into the toilet with her watching and tell her that it goes in the potty.
Then she does a happy dance and waves and says “bye bye boo boo” when I flush it. I guess when she’s ready she will.

But, I just wish she’d stop taking off her diapers. t.t She’s been doing it when I put her down for a nap and at night when it’s time to go to bed. Today during her nap she apparently woke up took it off and went back to sleep. When I went to get her up I found her sleeping in a puddle. So off to the wash goes her blankets, sheet, mattress cover and owl pillow. If only it were a rare occurrence. But no. We wash her bedding frequently. I always try to praise her and tell her how good she is for leaving her diaper on when she wakes up and has left it on. But I don’t think she gets it. Or maybe she thinks I don’t get it! haha Putting her Hello Kitty panties on over her diaper doesn’t work for her either. She wants them on instead. I know she doesn’t like the feeling of a soiled diaper. Because as soon as she does pee in it she’s ripping it off or heading off to the potty.

Argh. Any suggestions? Sascha didn’t potty train until after he was 3. With him it was pretty easy. Right off the bat he started going to the bathroom in the potty and didn’t wet himself too much. I don’t recall him ever going poo either. He just had no interest in potty training until well after he was 3. She’s been wanting to since she was about 1 and a half. But really started with wanting to not wear a diaper the past couple of months.

Halp! ^.~

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