Professor Doooown

Better late than never! :) Our guild finally downed Professor Putricide on 25m tonight. Wee. Onto Blood-Queen Lana’thel! We got her to 50ish% before we called it. Hopefully next week she shall go down. Our 10m will be going back in for Lich King attempts on Sunday. We should have him. Cross your fingers! Also I assume you have but did you see the cute little wind rider cub? Gosh it’s SO CUTE. I want and I’m not even a hordie. The in game pet is even cuter. The baby gryphon I think is ugly. >.> Okay the plushie is not ugly but the in game pet is. >.> Also Lurky is ugly too. @_@ Eep…

Anyways. Saturday morning I am taking the kids over to Dawn’s for breakfast. Yum. Last time we went over she made scrambled egg with cheese and bacon and croissant rolls. Mmmm. Was yummy. I have no idea what she’s making Saturday but I’m sure it shall be yummy. My mom made white beans with ham tonight. It was delish. Like really really yummy. But beans don’t like me. And it made me sick minutes after eating it. It was good though. >.> I think I shall do tacos for lunch tomorrow. Sascha has been bugging me all day for more tacos. It’s about the only time I don’t have to bug him about eating his vegetables. :d

I think I shall be off to level my shaman for a bit and then shower and then bed. I am tired, okay exhausted and I hurt. :( Stupid period. Also I am done trying with Emo Vote. :( No one can figure out why it isn’t working.

Also I love this song. Enjoy and take it to heart. :)

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