Time Out

WTF Quick warning. This post is pretty much about female issues. Read at your own risk!

Can I give my uterus a time out? Normally I don’t swell but oh man my hands are swollen and sore. :( I went to bed late because I felt like crap and was in terrible pain. I can’t even describe the pain. I guess it feels like someone has a crowbar trying to pry my reproductive organs out. I had severe shooting/stabbing pains in my uterus/ovaries and the entire area just has this dull(yet not very dull) ache and radiates heat. This morning I woke up early to terrible shooting pains going from my uterus to my pelvic bone and into my vagina. It hurt… a lot. :( I’ve been bleeding copious amounts of blood. It’s unbelievable. I feel horribly anemic: dizzy, light-headed and just exhausted like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. In a super hot shower last night my finger nails were purple and so were my hands and still freezing cold.

Can someone take my uterus out? Please? On a serious note I’ve given serious thought to a hysterectomy. Though for now I’ve been thinking about getting my copper IUD removed and going back to the pill. My menstrual cycles have been excruciatingly worse since it was put in. For the first year I bled 2-3 weeks on and only 1-2 weeks off every month. I originally opted for the IUD because I was breastfeeding Fumiko and didn’t want to take any sort of hormones. She’s been done breastfeeding for about a year now, maybe a little less. So really there is no reason for me to not have it removed. I just need to find a birth control pill that agrees with me, and one I can actually get from NARA. Even if my periods are a little lighter that’s more than enough reason to get this sucker out. Not to mention a good chunk of the time it makes sex with my husband painful, I spot in between periods(something I’ve NEVER done), I can’t use my diva cup or even tampons, and I often have stabbing pains/cramps in between periods as well. See lots of reason to ditch this puppy. ZERO reasons to keep it. Now I just have to actually call NARA and make an appointment. My mom told me Dr. Wang is no longer there too. :( That saddens me. She was a very sweet doctor.

That should cover me for menstrual rants for awhile. :shifty:

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