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I’m so creative. :( I couldn’t think of a title. My brain is not working. I am so tired it’s not even funny. I’m exhausted. I can’t even remember why I was writing a post. *sigh* List time!

  • Kai, Sascha and Fumiko are watching Star Wars on tv. I’m not sure which one. We decided to let them stay up late tonight to watch.
  • My bcute curve from Eden Fantasys came yesterday! I’m so excited. Waiting for my period to end though. :(
  • Started taking a liver cleanse formula at the request of my mom. It doesn’t agree with me even at 1 capsule a day. :( On top of my normal period junk I really feel like crap.
  • My elemental shaman is now level 80! Woot!
  • I’m making blueberry pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. It’s Kai’s day off! I relish the time with him.
  • Fumiko keeps trying to ninja radishes out of the fridge to eat. -.-

Yeah that’s all I’ve got. Have a nice weekend! :d

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  • Nice. :) A liver cleanse is similar to a colon cleanse in that it cleans out the liver. But it also helps the gallbladder and kidneys. I have had blood poisoning and chemical poisoning over the years and never been able to detox from it and I’ve slowly gotten sicker. So we’re trying again to do it. If you do it too fast or are too sensitive it cause cause horrible detox symptoms. It’s not TOO bad this time. But last time I tried I felt like I had the worst flu/migraine in my life and a never ending hot flash from hell. t.t

  • We sometimes do those late movie nights too. We did it two weeks ago, when I knew the next day would be a snow day, and the kids loved it!

    I’m glad you got your toy already — I told you they ship quickly! ;) I actually have a new one as well, and I’m also waiting for my period to end so I can enjoy it. Grrrrrrr.

    Liver cleanse… how is that going? Is that the same thing as a colon cleanse, or is it different? I’m assuming it *works* in the same way though, lol.
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