Lunch is Served

Or is it? O.O Okay it is. Though it was simple macaroni and cheese. It was gobbled up like it was going out of style though. Now the Wiggles are on! Soon Fumiko shall go down for a nap, Sascha will play his DS downstairs and it will be quiet for about an hour. Yaaaaay. <3 I love my children, so much. But sometimes I just desperately need quiet. That doesn’t happen very often. Especially right now with how I feel I need quiet. I think the Red Beet Root Formula I’ve been taking has stopped my periods. I started it right after my period started and it suddenly ended yesterday. However I’m still having pain and cramping like I am still on it. *sigh* I don’t know. At least it’s over and hopefully doesn’t start back up. Now I can test out and review the product from Eden Fantasys! Hooray! ^.^ I’m also going to be doing a review for another company and a giveaway for a gift card. So make sure you stay tuned for that coming up.

Oh a little follow up from my review on the African Black Soap & Lotion. I’ve had very little acne breakout this go round on my period. Normally it’s MUCH worse. I’ve been pretty faithful with the soap/lotion and I really think it’s helped. I’m about to run out. They’ve lasted me quite awhile. I think I’ll be trying the Hibiscus soap/lotion this time. I’ll be sure to do a review on that one as well. :) But I highly recommend this soap and lotion. My friend Georgia purchased some recently because it was working so well for me. She found hers at Target. I purchased mine through the Shea Moisture website though. I couldn’t find it at our local Target. :(

So if Kai did it right we should be getting a substantial amount back on our taxes. Woot! It should be enough to pay our bills. Bills we’ve been trying to get paid off since well Kai lost his job at Circuit City(*hiss* :x ). So that would be a huge, huge blessing. Also we should have enough left over for me to order the products for Luna Lotus and get my lotions and such up on Etsy! Eeeee! I’m so excited! :d Here’s to hoping! I know Kai would love a new laptop, or home theater seating. But we must pay our bills first!

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