Frenectomy This Evening!

Huzzah! One final step to getting my braces off. I just found out a friend of mine had this done and she suffered no pain. Though she did tell me not to bite down on things for awhile. Liquid diet incoming? I don’t have much to say. I did get my review on the adult toy posted. It’s an awesome little thing I definitely recommend it. And so I leave you with music and the most amazing cat picture EVAR! <3

Kitty picture courtesy of Geo.

Pomplamoose Music – a friend from WoW linked this to me. Totally awesome. They have some really good covers but their own music is just as neat. :) Their videos are pretty entertaining too.

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  • @Keeshia
    Hahaha I love that photo. Super ball cat!

  • That photo is freaking awesome. Flying saucer cat ^.^
    .-= Keeshia´s last blog – I try =-.

  • :d ok, the post is cool,MJ has some pretty awesome songs, but the best part is that you play WoW. I always get a little bit emotional when I hear about other people playing this game, mainly because I’m so into it. So..have fun playing, have fun without your braces!