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I had my frenectomy on Tuesday. Bleh. I think if I had it all to do over I wouldn’t do the braces. :( Between having screws screwed into my upper and lower jaws, the problems the braces are causing on my teeth and now the frenectomy. I think I would have passed. I’m not sure if it is the Vicodin or if I’m getting an infection but I’ve not been feeling well. Yesterday when I was over at Dawns out of no where a wave of heat came over me and I felt instantly sick. :( I ended up throwing up in her poor bathroom. After getting home pretty much anything I ate came back up and I felt really sick for the rest of the day. So far today I’ve had bad nausea but I haven’t thrown up. I haven’t taken any Vicodin since last night. But I’ve also been taking some Olive Leaf. So I’m not really sure if it was the medication or an infection. I guess we’ll see.

Dawn is going to start watching Fumiko for me on Wednesdays for a couple of hours. :) She’s going to have her cute little grand baby over who is the same age as Fumi and she’s also going to have the Your Baby Can Read dvd’s for them to watch. It’ll be a nice break for us and I know Fumiko will love spending time with another little one her age. She’s also going to try to have Sascha over sometime on a weekend to play with the older kids. He’ll love getting to play with someone his age for a little while. It’s always nice getting over to see Dawn. She’s a great person and really good hearted. It’s easy to see why everyone and everything flock to her. The best things in life you can give to someone are love, empathy and acceptance. Sometimes that is all you can give. Sometimes that is all someone needs. Now if I could just see Kharizma a little more I’d be super happy and all set. I am lucky to have two friends who love me unconditionally. Thank you both.

Today is a beautiful, bright, sunny day. Flowers are blooming, trees are blooming. It’s an amazing day. :) On the way home from Dawn’s I noticed something and I have no idea why. Haha I never realized how many homes in our neighborhood have exterior shutters. I don’t normally ever pay attention to something like that. Growing up the only houses I ever saw with them, or at least payed attention to, were homes out in the valley, in the middle of no where land that had functional shutters. I think all of the ones on houses around here are just for decoration. I’m not even sure if our house has them. Hah I should check that out. :shifty: Sebv eing as I live here and all.

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  • So what caused the nausea? Was it the Vicodin or an infection?