I had my orthodontist appointment this morning. Ouch. :( My mouth/nose still hurt. They were not the most gentle with my lip this morning when they changed the bands, but oh well. It’s still bleeding when I brush my teeth too. I’ve been not feeling well and super tired. Went to the food drive today with Kharizma. It was so much nicer than the other one I’ve been going to. We were able to pick our stuff so we got stuff we’ll actually be able to use. :) Was really nice. Though there was this crazy, and by crazy I mean totally psychotic and insane couple there. They seriously acted like they were high on something. :CONFUSED: The guy was just going off on this poor woman because her son ran past him. Didn’t even touch him, just ran past to go to the grass to play and he started talking shit and saying she was a crack addict and a whore and was gonna have to beat her up. Kharizma and I were both appalled and shocked. :CONFUSED: I seriously can’t understand why people act like that. The lady had a little girl too and she was being horrible to her. :( We felt bad. Now I am super tired and wish I could take a nap, but I cannot. le sigh.

Has anyone noticed the increase in teens being paranoid about wrinkles? Seriously, what the heck? Who in their right mind is seriously looking for wrinkle serum at 16 let alone 18 or 20…. You should not be worrying about wrinkles at that age. :CONFUSED: I’ve randomly come across quite a few blogs recently that are young women concerned about wrinkles. Man I’m 28 and I’m not worried at all.

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  • Wrinkles!? Ugh. Seriously, that’s just ridiculous. :ROLL: