Uggggghhhh, Hello Life

I’ve been not feeling well the past few days. I feel like I’m starting my period up again… I’ve been spotting and breaking out in acne again. I sure hope not. :( I also have a toy from Eden Fantasys and MyPleasure sitting in our room waiting to be tried out and reviewed. Boo. Also… Hai, you can ask me questions here! Oh and we killed Lich King in our 10m last week. Hooray!

Kai’s work schedule this week has been wonky. He closed Tuesday, worked Wednesday, Closed Thursday, and now has meetings every Tuesday morning and Friday morning. Normally they are just Tuesday mornings. He also has the weekend off. Which is rare. It’ll be nice to have him home for two whole days in a row. :) Dawn and I talked briefly about having dinner at her house tomorrow, but I’m not sure if we are or not. I’ll have to ask. I don’t think we ever said definitively whether or not we were going to do it. I do know that sometime in the next couple of months I need to go make tacos for her. :d I’ll have to get a couple of decent sized roasts to cook. She has an army at her house. ;) I’ve been spending more time at her house. It’s been wonderful. It’s so nice to be able to talk to someone who enjoys the same things I do.

I purchased some Dragon’s Blood incense. It was a whole $2.93. It smells wonderful. It makes me feel happy. I’m seriously done with hiding who I am. I don’t care if you don’t agree, it’s my life not yours. If burning incense, and sage and having crystals in my home and things from my culture and things that make me happy and believing what I do bothers you that much well that’s just too damn bad. This is who I am. It’s not right or fair that I have to hide it to make you happy. I don’t believe what you believe, and that’s okay. I’m not asking you to do what I do or asking you to be like me. I just want you to love me enough to respect me and who I am. I am not asking you to like it, just love me enough to let me be who I am. If you can’t do that, then just leave me a lone. Because I’m done keeping it inside. I’m done being unhappy and miserable because I feel like I can’t be me.

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