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Kai has been religiously, obsessively checking the irs website to see if it has any updated information on when our tax return is going to get here. Well a few days ago he excitedly tells me the website says it should be here by the 25th. HOORAY! Awesome right? Well we’ve been checking the mail like stalker ex girlfriends to be disappointed every day with no check. :( Then he checks it again, yesterday. On the way home he says “Oh, by the way… You know how I said our check should be here by the 25th? Well it says the 25th of May….”. *slump* Nooooooooooooo! t.t I am deeply saddened. I was so excited to be able to finally get caught up on bills and pay everything off.

Since we don’t plan on ever being in an apartment again, and we have a lawn here, that by the way is starting to turn into a miniature jungle. We plan on buying a lawnmower with some of the tax refund. We honestly don’t have the money to rent one, nor do we have the money to pay someone to do it. But if we can buy a lawnmower while we have the chance we won’t have to worry about that. It also doesn’t help that the crazy, psychopath, neurotic, asshole neighbor behind us has been hanging over our fence shaking his head. -.- Go away jerkface. We know you don’t approve of our yard, we know you don’t approve of us not using pesticides and crap on our lawn. But you know what we don’t approve of you letting your evil little growling mutts outside every time we have the kids in the backyard. Nor do we like your rotten holier than thou attitude nor the fact that we can hear you every night screaming at your wife or whoever she may be and cussing her out. Oh and by the way, Oregon is banning all pesticides and chemicals. Have fun with that!

Seriously he’s a freaking nutcase. Every time we try to take Fumiko into the back yard he opens his sliding glass door and lets his barking, growling dogs out. Every time we have to bring Fumiko back in because they will bite her. They’ve tried before. She unfortunately is not afraid of them. So she’ll run right over to them and try to pet them. That’s all we need is for her to stick her hand through the fence and have a nub. -.-

Blah. I hope our tax return gets here way before May 25th. It would be so helpful. I’m tired of being stressed over bills. I am also tired of seeing ads about diet pills for women. Seriously they are everywhere. Go awaaaaay!


I would like one. :( Life is exhausting right now. So much is going on much of which I can’t really discuss. But I’ll say my moms health is very poor right now, poor enough that she’s terrified she’s going to die and wants to work on a will and other things. It’s been so emotional. I need a break. Oh well. I am behind on so many things it’s not even funny.

Sascha talked to his teacher yesterday. He was able to read her one of his HeadSprout books with no real problems. He only had trouble with one word and had to sound it out. He’s doing very well. Our law is getting… tall. :( I need to borrow a lawn mower. But I don’t know anyone who has one. I asked Russ but he is slow and has yet to respond to my question on facebook. Bleh. We need our tax refund to get here asap. :( Need to look up car insurance stuff. We may need to find a new auto insurance quote. This post was pretty pointless I think. I don’t really know what to say. There are things I am not quite ready to talk about and others that I really shouldn’t right now. I still have yet to get that review up and I haven’t even requested a new review from Eden Fantasys. I want to wait until I know I’ll have time to do it.


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