Busy Busy Busy

There has been a lot going on. I’ve finally made the decision to let Sascha go to Michigan for the year. After he goes through his tutoring program, which he got accepted into yay! He’ll stay with his grandparents for the school year. Sue is going to home school him. It’ll be really good for him. He’ll have all the one on one time he needs for school and all of the love and support and care from his grandparents and his dad and Dianna. So it will be good for him. I just don’t want him dealing with all that is going on here right now. He shouldn’t have to. So that was a very big decision for me. But it was the right one to make I think.

There has just been a lot going on and it’s been very stressful and emotional. My period just started and I swear I was just on it. Ugh. I’ve got another review I need to get up as well. Hopefully I’ll have that up in the next day or so. I’ve been trying to work on a plan to lose weight. It’s not going so well with everything going on in my life. I did check out But I’m not looking for a miracle pill to help me lose it. So meh. Oh well back to work.

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