Eye See You!

So remember when I got new glasses back in… January? I *just* took a picture today. hehehe I’ve had a lot going on. It’s been pretty emotional.

Sascha got sick a few days ago. He wasn’t really sick, sick. But he had a headache and was cold. He was laying on the couch, went to stand up and just started throwing up everywhere. I never knew an 8 year old could throw up that much. He’s thrown up a lot before. But not quite like this. Got him in the bath and spent awhile cleaning it up. Ick. He didn’t fall asleep until around 3 :3 0am that morning. I waited until almost 4am when I knew he was asleep and went to take a shower. As I am in the bathroom getting undressed I hear my phone ring. My first thought? “No… it can’t be…” I go get my phone to have it start ringing again. Yes, it was. It was my mom. :( I answered and she told me she needed to go to the ER. So I spent the rest of that morning in the ER with my mom to have them tell her she’s fine and to go home. She wasn’t fine. The doctors attitude about the whole thing really angered me. He reluctantly referred her to a cardiologist. *sigh*

Then Thursday after no sleep and being pretty emotional my mom received an email from an old acquaintance in Michigan. The jist of the email was that Rene’s grandmother was trying to reach us to let us know she had passed away in December of 2007… I hadn’t heard from her since about August of 2007. I didn’t have her new number and couldn’t get a hold of her. All these years I had hoped she was healing and doing better, that one day she would call me or find me online. She was so ill last time Kai and I saw her. She was skin and bone and her body was in so much pain and was so inflamed. I looked up her death certificate online… She passed away on December 29, 2007. The day I went into labor with Fumiko. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I am happy that she is no longer suffering. But I so wish I could have said goodbye to her. Had one last talk with her. Last time I talked to her it was to tell her that I was having a girl and her name would be Fumiko. She was so excited and happy. She couldn’t wait to meet her. Rene would have adored Fumiko. She would be so proud of Sascha today. She loved him like he was her own. I really, truly believed she would be okay.

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  • teofisto

    I thought of this site.
    Very pretty new glasses.
    Your friend is at peace.


  • Thank you, it was very interestingly!

  • Love the specs. I had a pair similar to those a couple years ago. Took some getting used to, not having nose guards.
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