Oops, Pacifier Broke

So we’ve been trying to ween Fumiko for the past six days off of her pacifier. Let me tell you. This week has been filled with crying, screaming and temper tantrums from the gates of hell. I’m so not kidding. It’s been getting worse every day. Well I was telling my friend Lindsey what has been going on. She had the most amazing solution. Apparently when she was little and wouldn’t give up her pacifier her mom cut off the nipple and gave it to her, told her it was broken. At this point I’ll try anything. But I assumed it was going to make the situation at least 10 times worse. It didn’t… I was shocked.

I cut the nipple off both of her pacifiers and gave them to her. She popped one into her mouth and immediate spit it out with a “Blech” sound. She was totally confused. Instead of crying or throwing a temper tantrum she showed it to me and shrugged her shoulders with the “I don’t get it” noise she makes. She then proceeded to show Kai. We both told her it was broken. “Aww poor pacifier. It’s broke and mommy/daddy can’t fix it”. So far so good. Last night she started to get a little fussy about it, but the went back to being confused. Hopefully things get better and not worse. I am grateful that she’s not throwing fits anymore. I was going out of my mind.

So yes, awesome tip. Cut the nipple off the pacifier and say it’s broke! :)

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  • You know, that’s a pretty awesome idea that’s so obvious when you think about it! Think I’ll pass this on to a friend who’s just about to wean her boy from his dummy.
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