Mmmm Food

So after months of not using my recipe blog. I finally changed the layout and posted a new recipe. Well I just used the layout I use here. I don’t have the time right now to make something new. So it’ll do for now. It’s much easier to look at. :) Anyways I posted my recipe for italian sugar cookies and almond icing. Hopefully I’ll actually continue to post new recipes.

I am planning on making chocolate kiss & walnut cookies today. So I shall make sure I take pictures and post them. If I don’t make them today though, I’ll definitely do it tomorrow. OH. So I had planned on making Russ some pumpkin cookies as a thank you for doing our yard… Well after striking out at a few stores. We stopped at the Fred Meyer by us a few days ago. We looked ALL over for freaking canned pumpkin. I’m seriously not kidding. We even looked down aisles we knew it had no chance of being down. Well… Finally I give up. This nice girl comes walking down the aisle and she works there. So I ask her if they have any canned pumpkin. She then tells me that they haven’t had canned pumpkin since Thanksgiving… THANKSGIVING?! *sigh* She then tells me that the pumpkin crops got flooded and that is why there is no pumpkin. Poor pumpkins. She said they should hopefully have some in, in 3-4 months. *double sigh*

I am annoyed. :( I want pumpkin cookies. Oh well. I told Kai I would just make Russ some of the chocolate kiss cookies if they turn out yummy. So here’s to hoping.

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