I like me some FOOD

Yesterday was awesome. For breakfast Fumiko and Sascha had Muscat grapes and strawberries. For lunch we had salad – green leaf lettuce, garbanzo beans, broccoli, clover sprouts, tomato, radish, and bacon bleu cheese dressing. For dinner I made home made miso soup complete with homemade dashi stock. It had shiitake mushrooms and fresh green onion. Mmmm. Tonight Kai is making beef fried rice and I am making spicy tuna rolls. It’s so nice to be able to get good healthy food again. I’m in heaven. I’ll be posting the recipe for the miso soup, including the dashi stock recipe soon. :) Oh and I made walnut and chocolate chip cookies last night. ;) It’s awesome to be caught up on bills finally. Hooray!

I’ve got to write up the write up I did for Sascha’s year long trip to Michigan. Then I need to email it to David to go over. No idea what I’m doing. :( I have no idea if it’s worded right at all. Oh well. He will correct it I hope. I’m gonna miss Sascha. :( So is Kai. But this is going to be great for him and he’s going to have SO much fun. We’re saving enough money to take him to dinner before he goes. I told him he gets to pick which ever restaurant he wants to go do. :d He’s still deciding between Outback Steakhouse and Olive Garden.

I’ve also been trying to find my brother Tim. :( I feel like he should have the chance to say goodbye to my mom, and maybe they can mend the relationship they haven’t had for so long. If nothing else *I* would like to have some sort of relationship with him. The only numbers I’ve found for him are out of service. I’d at least like to say hello and tell him that I have missed him and I hope he is happy and doing well. Bleh.

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  • Will definitely appreciate having the Miso recipe!! I haven’t tried making it myself yet, I usually just get the single serving packs for it. I miss good and healthy food (bills for me too). I’m glad you get to enjoy it!
    .-= Keeshia´s last blog – Where were you? =-.

    • It’s been awhile. :( We’ve been having to make use of the local food drive for several months and shopping at the grocery outlet. The 3 for $1.00 macaroni and cheese sure saved us many times.

      • I can definitely relate. We’ve been shopping at a store called “bottom dollar” (previously food lion). We take our backpacks and walk down there to get the groceries rather than drive the cars.

        Pretty much cutting corners wherever possible. Thank god for Ramen lol
        .-= Keeshia´s last blog – Where were you? =-.