Ow, my belly!

Man last night I made baked chicken for dinner – recipe is here: baked butterflied chicken of goodness, and today I did eggs and potatoes for lunch – recipe here: what the dilly-o potatoes & eggs. Soooo yummy. On a side note I know both recipes use butter and I don’t normally cook with butter, I just happened to cook both recipes I use butter in back to back. Hah oops.

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning. And boy am I paying for it now. I’m so tired. I cleaned all of the kitchen. I washed the floor on hands and knees, washed down all the cupboards, the table, chairs, counters, dishwasher, stove, etc. I also picked up the front room and vacuumed. At some point I’m going to organize the computer desk… I swear. :shifty: I’m gonna clean to bathroom later today… soon. I guess all this cleaning is good for me. I can reduce belly fat asap right? Riiiight? Goodness knows I need to. ha ha ha :p

Ah well I guess I should go think about dinner. Kai is playing SC2 with James and Sascha is play WoW. Fumiko is annoying them both. Maybe I’ll go clean the bathroom now.

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  • I really need to do a big clean like that too. I plan on doing it this week sometime. Hopefully I actually do it lol.