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We’re flying out early Wednesday morning to spend a week in California with family/friends. :) I’m starting to get excited. Hopefully my period will be done done by then. -.- It’s just kind of hanging on. it’s been 11 days now. ELEVEN! Why? *sigh* So for that reason review will be posted the week that we get back. Stupid period.

Life has been so so. Been talking to Sascha on the phone/Skype every few days. He’s having so much fun. :) I’m happy for him. Kai is working 6 days straight before we leave for California. Much fun. I think he might be half dead when we get there Wednesday morning. His dad is picking us up and then taking us to his moms house. Can’t wait to see Jamie. :d

Must go finish laundry and start to pack.


I keep coming to make a new post. But then I have no idea what to write. My mind goes blank. I suppose it’s because I’m on my period, and I feel like crap. For the past two days I’ve felt feverish one minute and ice cold the next. I’ve gone from having cold sweats to just plain sweating. My stomach is killing me, I feel like I’m going to vomit. *sigh* I have a migraine from hell too. I’ve had it for almost 3 days now. I thought it might be from dehydration but I’m peeing up a storm from so much water, and water hasn’t helped at all. Then I tried caffeine, and that didn’t help. I took some advil, which didn’t help and I’ve tried extra strength tylenol. I hope I’m not getting a sinus infection. That would be my luck right now. I’m also not dealing well with Sascha being gone. Every time I stop to think about it I tear up. I miss him. A lot. I don’t know why it’s hitting me so hard. It’s only for a year, but it doesn’t feel that way. I made Kai a chocolate cake(with hazelnut coffee) with chocolate coffee butter cream frosting. It was tasty and moist. Kai liked it, that’s the important part.

I still have a toy review to get up. Every time I try to bring myself to write it, I just give up. I promise I’ll get it up tomorrow. I think I’m going to shower and try to sleep after I finish this post. I just wish my stomach would settle down, and my head.


Yesterday Kharizma and I went to the food drive. The weather was great for a little bit. Then the sky turned black and it started to pour down rain, while we were still outside waiting under the covered walkway. Which by the way wasn’t helpful once the wind started blowing rain underneath. -.- Fumiko the entire time was super bouncy and hyper. Beyond her normal super bouncy and hyper state. After the food drive I had to take my mom to her chiropractors appointment. Kai was supposed to get off at 4pm but he lost power for about an hour and a half during the thunderstorm so he decided to stay until 5pm. My moms appointment was done at about a quarter to 4 so we decided to head over to Whole Foods. It’s been years, literally since I’ve been there. The last time was when I was pregnant with Fumiko.

I ended up picking up a couple of bags of farm raised shrimp. They were only $5.99 a bag. They also had some single serving Ciao Bella sorbets which were 4 for $3. So I got some blood orange for Kai. :) I also got some chipotle hummus for Kai which he loves. Anyways. Fast forward to last night. Fumiko went to bed perfectly fine at about 10pm. She then woke up at 1130pm burning up, sweating, coughing, stuffy and crying. :( She got sick probably from being out in the rain. *sigh* She kept waking up off and on and finally couldn’t sleep at all. I finally gave her a little of the up & up brand cough and cold pain reliever so she could sleep. She seems to have slept it off. She’s completely fine this morning. To be safe I gave her some cold tea and raw honey. So hopefully she’s good to go.

After giving my mom some money for car insurance, paying rent and a couple of bills our bank account is once again empty. :( At least rent and such is paid.


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Today is my moms birthday. So when I took Kai into work I stopped by the grocery store to get her some flowers. Well just my luck, the day before they had gorgeous boquets. Today? Barely anything. :( So I decided on a pretty little vase that had 3 magenta roses and various greenery. It was pretty. So I headed over to the cards to see if I could find one I liked. And all of a sudden Kai appears. I forgot he had to make his deposit and the bank is in the grocery store there. haha So he helped me pick out a nice card. All was well until I went to pay at the self check out. Ugh. I sat there for about 5 minutes trying to get the barcode on the flower tag to scan. Which was really annoying because you can’t really tip it much because it’s full of water. Then I tried to take the tag out. But it wouldn’t come out. Finally the girl working the self check out stations came over and pulls the tag right out. … Really? I felt… stupid. lol Then she tells me that the barcode scanner is broke, at least it won’t work on flower tags. So she had to manually enter it. Oh well. Flowers purchased! Kai and I signed the card and I came home. My mom was thrilled to see them. She was more thrilled to see the sausage mcmuffin with egg I got her. she’s been saying for weeks how she wanted one. So I figured that was better than a cake since she’s diabetic.

Anyways. It’s been a couple of days since Sascha went to Michigan. I miss him like mad. But I’m alright, mostly. I’m going to call Sue today and see if I can get a hold of them so Sascha can say happy birthday to my mom. I know she’d love that. Whelp time to go put dishes in the dishwasher and vacuum. Oh boy!


I dropped Sascha and Sue off at the airport earlier. :( I miss him already. I lost it this morning just before we left and started crying. I was trying so hard to keep it together, but I just couldn’t. I did good on the way to the airport and was able to drop him off and make it back into the car before I started blubbering. This is going to be hard. I’m so conflicted. I want him to stay so bad, but I know this is what is best for him. It’s not about me. It’s about him and what he needs. But it’s still *SO* hard.

I’m gonna be working on some reviews in the next few days. I have a review for hair product, and a few sex toys reviews to do. I just need to deal with how I am feeling and get past it so I can focus. It will be alright.

Btw does anyone know about Minka lighting?


No seriously. Ohmygod. We made homemade burgers, potato salad and had raspberry lemon poppy seed cake. The burgers had chipotle tabasco and garlic salt in them, melted sharp cheddar, green leaf lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, mashed avocado with chipotle tabasco and pickles. Oy. I think I’m gonna puke and pass out. It was so good though. :) Sue liked everything so that was awesome. Russ and Dawn came over for a bit but Dawn had to leave before we had cake so I’m going to drop some off tomorrow after I take Sascha and Sue to the airport. :) I’m gonna miss the little, okay not so little guy. But we have Skype.

Meanwhile I think I need some allergy bedding. My eyes have been burny and watery the past couple of weeks and I’ve been a little stuffy. Well off to make sure Sascha gets everything packed and then I have to finish putting stuff away. :( Have I mentioned I’m going to miss him? I was doing really well keeping it together up until Wednesday night. After I sent him to bed I just lost it and couldn’t stop crying. Hopefully I’ll be alright now at least until he’s on the plane. I know I’m going to need to keep myself busy for a little bit. So expect many short blog posts.


Sascha and I are sick. What gives? I was perfectly fine last night. I even rearranged the front room… And now? Now I feel like I’m going to puke my brains out, my ears hurt, I have a fever and I ache all over. *sigh* I have a lot to do. :( I needed to rearrange Sascha’s room and vacuum, finish putting stuff away from rearranging in the front room, finish vacuuming, I have breakfast dishes to get in the dishwasher and run, and I need to sweep/mop the kitchen floor, clean the bathtub. Blah. I can barely keep my eyes open. I need to pick up some orange juice. Kai doesn’t get off work til 8pm though. :( I hope Fumiko and Kai don’t get sick.

I think I’ll take a nap with Fumiko as soon as she’s sleepy enough. I don’t think I can get stuff done today. Must be better by Friday. I don’t wanna be sick for Sascha’s going away dinner. :(


Sascha’s school books and computer that is! :) Kai packed up his computer and I packed up all of his books today. They’re all ready to be dropped off at UPS on Monday. Woot. Man. Sascha is leaving in 5ish days. :( I got teary eyed sending Russ/Dawn/Kharizma messages to come on the 11th. Bleh. Must hold it together until he is on the plane. He’s going to have so much fun though, and he’ll be with family who love him dearly. I know everything will be fine. He just won’t be here. But he’ll be home in a year, happy and in one piece. Hopefully. haha Now that his computer and books are packed up, and we only have 1 desktop computer I’m going to move my old desk into his room for him and turn Kai’s(which is now mine) around and put it against the wall by the window. Hopefully it’ll open up the front room a little. :)

I am making red curry beef stew for dinner. Nom, nom. Just waiting for Kai to go to the store and get me my coconut milk and fish sauce. I swear I had fish sauce, but it seems to have grown legs and walked away. Amazing, you’d think it would have grown fins and swam. Silly food. BTW: Dawn, Kharizma, Russ, if any of you want to bring a food dish for Sascha’s going away dinner, feel free. :) I guess I shall go get started on rearranging and such.

P.S. I want to dye part of my bangs pink,. What do you think? Here are some pictures from when I had a chunk of my bangs pink. And no I’m not dying my hair red. >.>

[poll i d= “5”]


Edit: There added a couple of photos so you can see. Now I shall go hide under a rock until my bangs grow out. t.t

So last night I decided I needed bangs. So I decided to cut them like I usually do. Little tip… When you decide to cut your hair, don’t let your 2 year old try to help. I ended up making the first cut at the right length, then the second was too short because I was paying attention to Fumiko. Ah well. Lesson learned. Hopefully it grows back quickly.

I can’t believe how fast these last few weeks have flown by. Sascha is leaving for Michigan next week. :( Gonna miss him so much. It helps that we’ll be able to talk to him on Skype and actually see him. We’re doing a going away dinner for him on the 11th at 5pm. Gonna do burgers for him. :) Hopefully Kharizma, Dawn and Russ will be able to be here. I know Sascha will want to say goodbye to them.

I’m so tired. The past few weeks despite going by so quickly also seemed to drag. Mostly because I just haven’t felt well. I did go over to Dawn’s a few days ago and cleansed her house. :d It was really nice. I so miss doing that. I got some amethyst and lemurian seed quartz and did an invocation at the 4 corners of her property and for the doors leading into the house. It was awesome. Dawn and I had goosebumps and she sent me a text message on my way home saying that her son said to say thank you. :) It made me feel good inside.

I need to get some more of the african black soap from shea moisture. I’ve been out for awhile and am starting to slowly break out again. All the ads for acne solutions are starting to look mighty fine. I need to find some eye brow powder. Eye shadow is not working all that well, especially since it’s shimmery. :shifty:


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