ALL Packed!

Sascha’s school books and computer that is! :) Kai packed up his computer and I packed up all of his books today. They’re all ready to be dropped off at UPS on Monday. Woot. Man. Sascha is leaving in 5ish days. :( I got teary eyed sending Russ/Dawn/Kharizma messages to come on the 11th. Bleh. Must hold it together until he is on the plane. He’s going to have so much fun though, and he’ll be with family who love him dearly. I know everything will be fine. He just won’t be here. But he’ll be home in a year, happy and in one piece. Hopefully. haha Now that his computer and books are packed up, and we only have 1 desktop computer I’m going to move my old desk into his room for him and turn Kai’s(which is now mine) around and put it against the wall by the window. Hopefully it’ll open up the front room a little. :)

I am making red curry beef stew for dinner. Nom, nom. Just waiting for Kai to go to the store and get me my coconut milk and fish sauce. I swear I had fish sauce, but it seems to have grown legs and walked away. Amazing, you’d think it would have grown fins and swam. Silly food. BTW: Dawn, Kharizma, Russ, if any of you want to bring a food dish for Sascha’s going away dinner, feel free. :) I guess I shall go get started on rearranging and such.

P.S. I want to dye part of my bangs pink,. What do you think? Here are some pictures from when I had a chunk of my bangs pink. And no I’m not dying my hair red. >.>

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  • Good luck to Sascha, and to you and Kai! I’m sure his leaving will be hard, but hopefully you’ll all adjust to the new living situation quickly.

    P.S. Your hair is so cute! I’m so envious.