Oh Boy

Today is my moms birthday. So when I took Kai into work I stopped by the grocery store to get her some flowers. Well just my luck, the day before they had gorgeous boquets. Today? Barely anything. :( So I decided on a pretty little vase that had 3 magenta roses and various greenery. It was pretty. So I headed over to the cards to see if I could find one I liked. And all of a sudden Kai appears. I forgot he had to make his deposit and the bank is in the grocery store there. haha So he helped me pick out a nice card. All was well until I went to pay at the self check out. Ugh. I sat there for about 5 minutes trying to get the barcode on the flower tag to scan. Which was really annoying because you can’t really tip it much because it’s full of water. Then I tried to take the tag out. But it wouldn’t come out. Finally the girl working the self check out stations came over and pulls the tag right out. … Really? I felt… stupid. lol Then she tells me that the barcode scanner is broke, at least it won’t work on flower tags. So she had to manually enter it. Oh well. Flowers purchased! Kai and I signed the card and I came home. My mom was thrilled to see them. She was more thrilled to see the sausage mcmuffin with egg I got her. she’s been saying for weeks how she wanted one. So I figured that was better than a cake since she’s diabetic.

Anyways. It’s been a couple of days since Sascha went to Michigan. I miss him like mad. But I’m alright, mostly. I’m going to call Sue today and see if I can get a hold of them so Sascha can say happy birthday to my mom. I know she’d love that. Whelp time to go put dishes in the dishwasher and vacuum. Oh boy!

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  • Thankfully I have never had a problem with flowers. I usually buy the vase and flowers separate and create my own arrangement. But then I guess I may not realize that’s a skillset not everyone has ^.~ I’ve always been a fan of the “fire” roses which are yellow with orange/red tips, but magenta sounds lovely too.

    As for grocery store equipment, it’s a pain in the ass. And I’ve seen some people take over half and hour in the self check-out lines before so don’t feel dumb ;) The system works against you! lol

    And ew, I hate chores…
    .-= Keeshia´s last blog – Crusade! =-.

    • I usually do my own as well but I couldn’t afford it this time. Plus they were out of most of their flowers. :(

      Gah. I love the self checkouts and am usually pretty quick through them but this time I felt stupid. lol