Ugh Rain

Yesterday Kharizma and I went to the food drive. The weather was great for a little bit. Then the sky turned black and it started to pour down rain, while we were still outside waiting under the covered walkway. Which by the way wasn’t helpful once the wind started blowing rain underneath. -.- Fumiko the entire time was super bouncy and hyper. Beyond her normal super bouncy and hyper state. After the food drive I had to take my mom to her chiropractors appointment. Kai was supposed to get off at 4pm but he lost power for about an hour and a half during the thunderstorm so he decided to stay until 5pm. My moms appointment was done at about a quarter to 4 so we decided to head over to Whole Foods. It’s been years, literally since I’ve been there. The last time was when I was pregnant with Fumiko.

I ended up picking up a couple of bags of farm raised shrimp. They were only $5.99 a bag. They also had some single serving Ciao Bella sorbets which were 4 for $3. So I got some blood orange for Kai. :) I also got some chipotle hummus for Kai which he loves. Anyways. Fast forward to last night. Fumiko went to bed perfectly fine at about 10pm. She then woke up at 1130pm burning up, sweating, coughing, stuffy and crying. :( She got sick probably from being out in the rain. *sigh* She kept waking up off and on and finally couldn’t sleep at all. I finally gave her a little of the up & up brand cough and cold pain reliever so she could sleep. She seems to have slept it off. She’s completely fine this morning. To be safe I gave her some cold tea and raw honey. So hopefully she’s good to go.

After giving my mom some money for car insurance, paying rent and a couple of bills our bank account is once again empty. :( At least rent and such is paid.

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  • I always hated getting sick after being out in the rain. It always seems more miserable to me than just a regular cold. I hope she feels better soon!

  • Rain or not, I’m jealous. Some friends of mine went crabbing last night and had a huge tub of 100 crabs by the time they were done. Everyone is getting seafood but me! t.t lol

    I feel you on the bills though, guh. Got paid at the beginning of the week and all of it except $60 is gone. And the $60 is for groceries for next week. But like you said, at least the rent is paid and I’m not stuck out in the thunderstorms ha!