I think I say this every month. But I really hate my period and what it does to my body/brain. *sigh* At least it started on time again. Hopefully it doesn’t last 10 days this time. While we were in California Jamie bought 2 bars of our black african soap for us. She also gave me a tube of some japanese cleanser she had which is pretty awesome. Only neither are really helping this time. Which really sucks because previously the african black soap was working amazingly for my period breakouts. I guess it doesn’t like me anymore. I’ve been looking at various acne products. I’ve tried proactive and it only works for me as long as I use the green tea moisturizer. Though I’ve also been reading acnepril reviews. I’ll most likely end up not getting anything as usual. I’ll probably stick to my normal soaps. It’s just annoying/frustrating.

Along with all the other issues going on right now both with my period and life, acne isn’t helping.

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  • I hate dealing with period pimples. They are so frustrating and I always feel really unattractive and gross. Have you tried that SkinID stuff? I keep seeing advertising for it on the television, but I haven’t tried it myself. I wonder if it’s any good.

    I’ve heard Proactiv is great, but it tends to really dry out your skin. Did that happen with you?