Hellooo Out There

So life has been full of interesting things recently. We’re getting things over at the other house finished up. This weekend is a yard sale. We’re hoping to make some money to go towards bills. What doesn’t sell is being given to the church. My health has been up and down, mostly down. I am finally starting to feel like a human being again. The migraines aren’t getting better, but the pain is a little more manageable right now. Though my right hand/arm has started to randomly twitch. A friend of ours from California, Ben is going to be moving up. He’s going to stay in Sascha’s room and pay $250 a month for rent. So that will help. It’s hard barely making enough to cover bills, let a lone food and gas. *sigh* We had to borrow money from Kai’s grandfather last month to be able to pay rent. :/ Kai just didn’t make enough to cover it. It’s frustrating because we aren’t out blowing our money, it literally all goes to bills. But anyways. I am starting to feel a little better so hopefully I’ll actually be able to blog on a semi regular basis. There just hasn’t been much to say, and I’m sure no one wants to hear about how I’m feeling in every blog post.

Sascha is doing really well with his Dad and grandparents. He’ll be starting up school soon. :) He’s growing up and getting bigger. He’s reading pretty well now. Last time we talked to him on Skype he didn’t feel like reading for us but maybe he will on Sunday. We shall see. Fumiko is doing her usual… thing. She’s extremely energetic and active and into everything. She’s talking a lot more now, so it’s much easier to communicate. Clan Tata, aka our 4 friends from California are coming up on the 5th I think to help Ben move up. Three will go home and one will stay. Should be a fun time minus the fact that we probably won’t have food so they’ll be starving. >.> Sorry guys. Kai wanted to do a little barbecue while they were here, but that ain’t gonna happen. After paying bills we have $0 money. Sometimes it sucks that Kai works on commissions, sometimes it’s really nice, but mostly right now it really sucks. :(

Also, has anyone noticed you only see Mesothelioma commercials at night? Maybe it’s just the channels we watch, but I swear I never notice them during the day…

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  • Yucks, migraines. I’ve had so many headaches during pregnancy and I am so excited to get back on the birth control that had them at least mostly under control.

  • I wish I could come to the yard sale. I love yard sales. My boyfriend and I go to flea markets when we can. They are a lot of fun!