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It’s kinda cold now. It’s cold enough for me to want sweaters again. Warm, soft, fuzzy sweaters. That would be nice. Dawn sent me a new picture of Sushi last night. So cute. Sascha’s gonna love her. We can bring her home on Friday. :) Hooray! My sleep is all messed up. Some times I can fall asleep at 7 :3 0pm, other times I can’t sleep at all. Last night I went to bed around 2am and was up and down then someone woke me up at 8am. I’m not sure how much sleep I got but I woke up with a terrible migraine and the stomach ache I went to bed with. Awesome. -.- Oh well.

I suppose I shall go get ready to take Kai to work. At least I don’t have to pick him up today.


I talked to David the other day. He says Sascha is doing great. He hasn’t scored below 100% on his spelling tests yet. He’s been getting the bonus words right too. :d Hooray! I knew once it clicked that he’d do well. I guess he’s still having a little trouble with b’s and d’s and getting them mixed up, but David says he’s working with him on it. I’m excited for him and proud of him. He’s doing so well. I miss him so much though. His Grandpa Tom was in South Korea I think? I’m not sure now. But he uploaded an awesome video on facebook of fresh octopus. Which I don’t think he ate. haha I’d love to try it. Nom nom.

The rest are on flickr.

Going through Kharizma’s wedding photos… yeah it was kind of depressing. As much as I loved taking them. It makes me sad that my lens is broke. There were some shots that would have been beautiful and perfect had they been in focus. Oh well. I told her that when I can get my new portrait lens next year I’ll do a photoshoot with her and Spencer. She seemed to like that idea.

The other day on the way home from taking Kai to work I decided to take the highway home. Just because I guess. There was some poor person broke down on the side of the highway and they were pretty much in the middle of any exits. I felt bad for them. I hope they had a roadside assistance plan. Makes me glad we have one with our cell phones. We’ve never had to use them (knock on wood!) and hopefully we never have to. I’d hate to be in that position. :(


So since the last time I blogged we went to the pumpkin patch with Kharizma and Spencer, I made 96 cupcakes for their wedding, we went to their wedding and um a bunch of life. Sascha’s birthday is coming up next week! I can’t believe he’ll be 9. Looks like he’s spending his birthday with Sue and then getting a laser tag birthday party on the 6th I think. How fun. :) Fumiko has been hooked on caesar salads. So have I… kind of. I haven’t made them in awhile. A friend sent me his recipe for dressing so I’ll have to try it out soon. I still haven’t found a recipe I like for baking bread without a bread maker. >.< So still looking for that. I made green beans, bacon and potato last night. It was alright. I don’t think I cooked the bacon enough. Usually I let it get crispy. Will have to cook it longer tonight.

Does anyone know if there are any other tablets out now? I know Blackberry is coming out with a pad, and Apple has their iPad. It’ll be interesting to see how the blackberry tablet does against the iPad. I love Kai’s iTouch. It makes me want an iPhone even more. Though I think I’d probably like an iPad better. Maybe one day. I somehow doubt Verizon is ever going to get an iPhone. :(

Oh well. I must go shower and get ready to meet Kharizma.


As per usual I can’t sleep, again. Fumiko just crawled into bed and went back to sleep next to me. I suppose I shall take a shower soon and get ready to go to the pumpkin patch with Kharizma and Spencer. They are taking Fumiko, Kai and I later today. Should be awesomely fun. Hopefully I can get some good pictures. I need to text David soon to see if Sascha will be with him or Sue and Tom. I get to tell him that he shall get to meet the new kitty when he comes home. He should be excited. :) Since we already told him when he got home we would get a kitty. It just so happens it worked out that we get a free kitty a little sooner than expected. She can come home in about 4 weeks. :)

Blurry picture of Sushi.

I’ve finally started stretching my ears again. Here’s to the pain of going up to 0g again. Ben is in California until later tonight at which point I need to pick him up from the airport. He flew down for a few days to try to sell some of his comics at some convention I think.


So I made an attempt at Matcha cupcakes, only to realize after I put them in the oven that I forgot the shortening. Oopsy. I also forgot to buy cream cheese for the frosting, and forgot that I forgot to buy it. -.- Awesome! Oh well. They were still alright. I need to find a place to purchase matcha powder online in a larger amount. Then I think I’ll try them again. I did stir fry for dinner with the help of Ben. Hooray he’s not a freeloader! (inside joke) Dinner was alright. I haven’t felt well and haven’t really been eating. I somehow managed to lose about 12 pounds in 3ish days. I had picked up the things we didn’t have to make spicy tuna rolls on Sunday. So I think I’ll try to make them tomorrow. I guess I’ll see how I feel.

I have been slacking on updating the photo blog. Ooops. Though to be fair I haven’t touched my computer much in the last few days. I suppose I’ll try to update it tomorrow. You know for awhile there was lots of news about the iPod Touch. Now I’m starting to see people becoming interested in iPods again. Did I miss something?


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So we’re going to be getting a kitten soon. Dawn’s cat Juno had her babies on Sept 21st! We’re getting the white girl. :) She needs a name and these are my three favorite names. But I like them all and can’t choose.


So for awhile now I’ve seen Scentsy popping up on blogs online. I didn’t think much of it since I’m not a *huge* candle person. But Autumn is here… and so is my need for candles and yummy smelling things. However candles worry me with Fumiko and they also burn up quickly. :( Today while driving Kai to work, I happened to notice a minivan with a Scentsy decal on it. At that point I though maybe I should check it out.

So I went online… about an hour ago. I went through their site. The only warmer I found that I really, really liked, was this one. I think it’s incredibly adorable! I love stripes. :d I think I’m going to try to purchase it. Hopefully by the end of the month. Hopefully they still have it in stock by the time I can purchase it. I have no idea what scents to choose. I’ve never been big on perfume, or scent filled… things. My favorite scented things happen to be Dragon’s Blood incense by Gonesh, Method’s Vanilla Apple soy candles(which they don’t make anymore :( ), Black Raspberry Vanilla from Bath & Body Works, and cinnamony/autumny scented things.

So I was looking at the Autumn Sunset, Welcome Home, and Black Raspberry Vanilla. But my question is, what scent would you recommend and what does it smell like to you? I’m just not very good at picking out scents online, since I’m not sure what half the scents are.

Also, I want to make some cupcakes with a matcha green tea frosting. Does anyone know of any matcha green tea frosting recipes? I haven’t actually looked yet, and I haven’t actually picked up any matcha. I really should. I still need to pick up cake flour and frosting tips. Oy. And then I need to practice frosting cupcakes with the proper tips.

You know I love autumn/winter/cold weather. One of the reasons is I love the smell of burning wood from a fireplace. It just smells homey to me. I wish we could use ours. But it seems to be the home to birds. If we didn’t have the crazy neighbor in the back I’d want to get a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace. But alas, he’s a nutcase. -.- Oh well. At least I still have all the pretty trees.



I feel really alone right now. Actually I have for the past few weeks. I won’t go into detail. But it hurts. The one person I want to be with doesn’t seem to get it. It’s not easy to feel alone in a house full of people.

I’ve been trying to keep myself busy. Trying to not feel down. But it’s hard. I’ve been adding a photo daily to my photo blog, which I actually updated. I am proud of myself. How long will it last? Who knows. But at least it’s happening now. I emailed Sue and got her address for Sascha’s gift and things. My period finally started 2 days late. As of now… there isn’t much cramping. Here’s to hoping it stays that way. Today I woke up with serious muscle/bone pain. My mom ended up coming up to help me get dinner ready and watch Fumiko so I could get some stuff done. We had teriyaki salmon, rice and homemade pickled cucumbers for dinner. It was alright. I feel kind of meh. That’s the only way I know how to describe it.

It’s starting to get chilly again. After being warm… again. Hopefully it gets cold enough to dig the electric blanket out. Hopefully. Fumiko just woke up and snuck into our bed. She’s been doing that off and on. Sometimes I let her stay, but tonight I think it’s back into her own bed.


The weather has been a little wonky. It’s hot, cold, hot, cold, hot. This morning it was freezing cold when I went to the bank. I came home tried to go back to sleep and ended up failing miserably. Kai, Fumiko and I left to go grocery shopping at about 4pm. I had put my jeans and hoodie back on thinking it was still freezing. Nope it was extremely hot. I wish mother nature would make up her mind already. I’d love it if you let the weather stay cold.

I miss Sascha. I don’t know if I say it that much. I sure think about it a lot. His birthday is coming up on November 2nd. This will be the first birthday I’ve missed which makes me sad. Kai and I picked him up a small birthday gift today. We got him a Lego Hero Factory, Surge Bionicle. When I talked to him on Sunday he said one of the things he wanted was some legos. So we got him that and a $20 gift card to Target. That way he can pick something out that he really wants. :) They had some super cute Paul Frank wrapping paper as well. Hopefully Sascha enjoys it. I can’t believe he’s going to be 9 in less than a month. I wanted to get him a Squishable Android. But unfortunately we couldn’t afford the extra money for it right now. So my plan is to get it for him for christmas. I miss him. So does Fumiko. She’s talking more now and has been saying “Bother come home?” “Shasha come home now?”. Which is cute and breaks my heart at the same time. I keep telling her he’ll be home after school. She knows his birthday is coming up, and keeps getting one of the cupcake tins and says “Make Shasha cake?”. I’m half tempted to make him some birthday cupcakes anyways, just because maybe it’ll make Fumiko feel better. I don’t know we’ll see. I have to talk to Kharizma also and find out how we’re going to do the cupcakes for her wedding. I also need to get some cake flour and find a bigger frosting tip.

This morning my mom and I went to the bank to close some accounts and a safety deposit box, which we meant to do awhile ago. For some reason an old business account which had issues with theft was never closed? So we closed that, I closed my old bank account, and we turned in the keys for the deposit box.

I’ve been having some issues sleeping. By issues I mean I can’t sleep. I’ve been falling asleep finally between 5 and 8am. Which is excruciating. I’ve always been a night owl. I don’t know why but I’ve never been able to get my biological clock to need sleep during normal hours. I’ve tried so many times going to bed at a normal hour only to lay in bed tossing and turning and uncomfortable until very late. Well lately it’s been really bad and it’s driving me nuts. I’ve tried various over the counter sleep aids, both natural and not. Nothing seems to work. The non natural sleep aids make me feel horribly hungover the next day and don’t actually help me sleep. I used to be able to fall asleep by 2am at the latest, but it’s gotten worse over the last few months. So have the migraines. Really though, who in their right mind has the most energy at 2 in the morning? Ugh. So I’ve been trying to get things done around the house and online late at night. Housework is a little difficult since everyone else is sleeping. Well most everyone else. Ben stays up late too, he just hides in his room like some creepy hermit. >.>

I will say some of the late night tv is… strange. I had no idea Friday the 13th had a series. I caught part of an episode the other night. It was about some cursed quilt and some Amish cult. It was really creepy. I’ve also seen a large variety of substance abuse shows, which I have to admit have been pretty informative and interesting. I saw a show about inhalant abuse and also watched some things about opiate detox. I also saw Billy the Exterminator for the first time the other night. Which I must say was pretty awesome and disgusting at the same time. :)


So since the last time I blogged… Things have happened! >.> Let’s see, I think a list is in order.

  • Our friend Kinon moved up to Oregon and in with us last month.
  • Kai’s store got moved up to a B store. New products!
  • Stuff was finished at the other house. Yard sale was a flop. :(
  • Fumiko has started making sentences!
  • Dawn’s cat Juno had kittens! I get one! :d
  • Our dryer broke tonight. :(

Okay that list wasn’t very long. But yes our friend Kinon(Ben) moved up from California. He’s working at GNC. It’s been nice having him here. Sascha is doing really well. He’s learning cursive in school. :) Though it appears he wasn’t doing his school work in class and had to take it home for homework. :( He got in trouble over that. His birthday is coming up! On November 02 he’ll be 9. Jeez. I miss him like crazy. But this is good for him. Fumiko is learning lots of new words and using them in sentences. She’s also learning to use her attitude., -.- Kharizma’s wedding is coming up. :) I am making her wedding cupcakes! Hooray! I just need to get the hang of frosting them.

Life has just been busy with the same old same old. Nothing exciting going on. Fumiko wants to be a faerie for Hallow’s Eve. Migraines suck. A lot.


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