It’s been awhile, yeah?

So since the last time I blogged… Things have happened! >.> Let’s see, I think a list is in order.

  • Our friend Kinon moved up to Oregon and in with us last month.
  • Kai’s store got moved up to a B store. New products!
  • Stuff was finished at the other house. Yard sale was a flop. :(
  • Fumiko has started making sentences!
  • Dawn’s cat Juno had kittens! I get one! :d
  • Our dryer broke tonight. :(

Okay that list wasn’t very long. But yes our friend Kinon(Ben) moved up from California. He’s working at GNC. It’s been nice having him here. Sascha is doing really well. He’s learning cursive in school. :) Though it appears he wasn’t doing his school work in class and had to take it home for homework. :( He got in trouble over that. His birthday is coming up! On November 02 he’ll be 9. Jeez. I miss him like crazy. But this is good for him. Fumiko is learning lots of new words and using them in sentences. She’s also learning to use her attitude., -.- Kharizma’s wedding is coming up. :) I am making her wedding cupcakes! Hooray! I just need to get the hang of frosting them.

Life has just been busy with the same old same old. Nothing exciting going on. Fumiko wants to be a faerie for Hallow’s Eve. Migraines suck. A lot.

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