So for awhile now I’ve seen Scentsy popping up on blogs online. I didn’t think much of it since I’m not a *huge* candle person. But Autumn is here… and so is my need for candles and yummy smelling things. However candles worry me with Fumiko and they also burn up quickly. :( Today while driving Kai to work, I happened to notice a minivan with a Scentsy decal on it. At that point I though maybe I should check it out.

So I went online… about an hour ago. I went through their site. The only warmer I found that I really, really liked, was this one. I think it’s incredibly adorable! I love stripes. :d I think I’m going to try to purchase it. Hopefully by the end of the month. Hopefully they still have it in stock by the time I can purchase it. I have no idea what scents to choose. I’ve never been big on perfume, or scent filled… things. My favorite scented things happen to be Dragon’s Blood incense by Gonesh, Method’s Vanilla Apple soy candles(which they don’t make anymore :( ), Black Raspberry Vanilla from Bath & Body Works, and cinnamony/autumny scented things.

So I was looking at the Autumn Sunset, Welcome Home, and Black Raspberry Vanilla. But my question is, what scent would you recommend and what does it smell like to you? I’m just not very good at picking out scents online, since I’m not sure what half the scents are.

Also, I want to make some cupcakes with a matcha green tea frosting. Does anyone know of any matcha green tea frosting recipes? I haven’t actually looked yet, and I haven’t actually picked up any matcha. I really should. I still need to pick up cake flour and frosting tips. Oy. And then I need to practice frosting cupcakes with the proper tips.

You know I love autumn/winter/cold weather. One of the reasons is I love the smell of burning wood from a fireplace. It just smells homey to me. I wish we could use ours. But it seems to be the home to birds. If we didn’t have the crazy neighbor in the back I’d want to get a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace. But alas, he’s a nutcase. -.- Oh well. At least I still have all the pretty trees.

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  • I am a Director with Scentsy. After reading your blog, I think you would love Cozy Fireside, Christmas Cottage, and Sentimental Cider for your ‘fall/winter’ scents and then into others, I think Inner Peace, Cucumber Lime and Ocean may be up your alley. If you wanted to host a home/work/where ever basket party, I would be more than happy to set you one up with the testers in what I call my ‘Party In A Box’ I send you all the supplies to have a successful party and you return the testers and orders to me when you are done. You can earn great hostess rewards! (also, if the Candy Stripe Warmer runs out, I have one or two hanging around my inventory :)

    Meredith Eckard
    Independent Scentsy Director

  • Matthew

    Hi Manda,

    I actually hosted a Scentsy party for a friend doing her debut party as a Scentsy consultant. Most of the warm scents (Black Raspberry Vanilla, Autmn Sunset, Central Park Pralines, etc.) were great – I think you would really enjoy them. But many of the floral scents and the “Man” scents were headache inducing – some of them smelled really chemically…kind of like those urinal cakes they put in men’s restrooms.

    Sorry to read that you are having a rough time of it. Sending positive thoughts and energy your way.

    Be well,

    Matthew (Moon)