So I made an attempt at Matcha cupcakes, only to realize after I put them in the oven that I forgot the shortening. Oopsy. I also forgot to buy cream cheese for the frosting, and forgot that I forgot to buy it. -.- Awesome! Oh well. They were still alright. I need to find a place to purchase matcha powder online in a larger amount. Then I think I’ll try them again. I did stir fry for dinner with the help of Ben. Hooray he’s not a freeloader! (inside joke) Dinner was alright. I haven’t felt well and haven’t really been eating. I somehow managed to lose about 12 pounds in 3ish days. I had picked up the things we didn’t have to make spicy tuna rolls on Sunday. So I think I’ll try to make them tomorrow. I guess I’ll see how I feel.

I have been slacking on updating the photo blog. Ooops. Though to be fair I haven’t touched my computer much in the last few days. I suppose I’ll try to update it tomorrow. You know for awhile there was lots of news about the iPod Touch. Now I’m starting to see people becoming interested in iPods again. Did I miss something?

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