Yep, It’s Autumn

As per usual I can’t sleep, again. Fumiko just crawled into bed and went back to sleep next to me. I suppose I shall take a shower soon and get ready to go to the pumpkin patch with Kharizma and Spencer. They are taking Fumiko, Kai and I later today. Should be awesomely fun. Hopefully I can get some good pictures. I need to text David soon to see if Sascha will be with him or Sue and Tom. I get to tell him that he shall get to meet the new kitty when he comes home. He should be excited. :) Since we already told him when he got home we would get a kitty. It just so happens it worked out that we get a free kitty a little sooner than expected. She can come home in about 4 weeks. :)

Blurry picture of Sushi.

I’ve finally started stretching my ears again. Here’s to the pain of going up to 0g again. Ben is in California until later tonight at which point I need to pick him up from the airport. He flew down for a few days to try to sell some of his comics at some convention I think.

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