Oh Hello

So since the last time I blogged we went to the pumpkin patch with Kharizma and Spencer, I made 96 cupcakes for their wedding, we went to their wedding and um a bunch of life. Sascha’s birthday is coming up next week! I can’t believe he’ll be 9. Looks like he’s spending his birthday with Sue and then getting a laser tag birthday party on the 6th I think. How fun. :) Fumiko has been hooked on caesar salads. So have I… kind of. I haven’t made them in awhile. A friend sent me his recipe for dressing so I’ll have to try it out soon. I still haven’t found a recipe I like for baking bread without a bread maker. >.< So still looking for that. I made green beans, bacon and potato last night. It was alright. I don’t think I cooked the bacon enough. Usually I let it get crispy. Will have to cook it longer tonight.

Does anyone know if there are any other tablets out now? I know Blackberry is coming out with a pad, and Apple has their iPad. It’ll be interesting to see how the blackberry tablet does against the iPad. I love Kai’s iTouch. It makes me want an iPhone even more. Though I think I’d probably like an iPad better. Maybe one day. I somehow doubt Verizon is ever going to get an iPhone. :(

Oh well. I must go shower and get ready to meet Kharizma.

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