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Thanksgiving went well. I cooked all day. But we had turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, parmesan asiago garlic mashed potatoes, pumpkin and apple pie and homemade whipped cream. Kharizma brought brussels sprouts and her lavender/ginger syrup. Yum. I only managed to hurt myself mildly! The worst of it was the burn on my finger from accidentally turning on the wrong burner. I turned the one under the glass pie plate on and didn’t realize then picked it up burned the crap out of my finger and then dropped it on the floor. For awhile I just had a brownish burn in the shape of a heart almost, then it turned into a giant blister. It remained a blister until Sushi lanced it the other night.

We’ve been living on leftovers and everything is gone except a tiny bit of turkey and some stuffing. Even Sushi has been eating some of the plain turkey with some oil all mixed into her dry food. Tonight though we shall have teriyaki panko breaded tilapia with rice and corn. Yum. It’s been kind of amusing reading all of the Black Friday stories. We were even told about a lady who was burned by some man. She apparently reached over his shoulder to pick something from a top shelf and he burned her with a butane lighter. The police who responded basically chastised her and couldn’t believe she would call them for such a trivial matter. Cause you know being burned by a crazy many isn’t scary or dangerous at all. You’d think she was trying to take his Prada handbags or something the way he reacted. People are crazy on Black Friday. O.O Glad I never go out.


I was contacted recently by to hold a little quiz for those living in Portland, Oregon! GPSmyCity is an iphone app that gives you self guided walking tours of your city. It’s pretty neat. I kind of wish I had an iPhone so I could use it. Currently they have over 2,000 tours spanning over 180 cities worldwide. You can click on the following screenshot to see how it works.

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So Kharizma and I went shopping today for Thanksgiving. Apparently the rest of Oregon did as well. The store was packed. The mall was even packed. We got almost all of our shopping done at one store. However I had to go out to New Seasons to get the stuffing mix. They didn’t have it though. Which really sucks. I’ve used the same stuffing mix for a couple of years now. Oh well. I’ll just have to do my own. We got stuff for the turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pies. Nom nom. Can’t wait. Kharizma might go out with her mom for Black Friday. Eek. Good luck to them. haha

I got to talk to Sascha a couple of times today. He’s doing well. David also called to let me know how he was doing in school. He only got 1 C on his report card mostly B’s and some A’s. So he’s doing really well. Hooray!


What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Are you having family over for a dinner or going somewhere? Or are you just gonna veg out and chill? We’re doing Thanksgiving at our house. Not a lot. Just a turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and apple/pumpkin pie. All home made. :d Kharizma and Spencer are coming over and possibly her mom. So it will be Kai, my mom, Kharizma, Spencer, Ben, Fumiko and I and maybe Kharizma’s mom. :) Gonna have to make extra cranberry sauce since everyone seems to like it. Gonna make 2 pumpkin pies so Kharizma can take one home. That way she can live off it for a few days. ;)

Just thinking about all the food is making me full and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Haha. At least I won’t need anything like phentermine this year. I’ll probably still be recovering from sick land and won’t eat much. That’s good though right?


Holy moly I’m tired of being sick. At least I’m feeling better. My throat is no longer sore and my stomach is better. Now if everything else would ease up. The only good thing about being sick is that it’s awesome for weight loss. Who needs natural appetite suppressants that work when you can just get sick! har har. Seriously though I’ve lost more weight while being sick than I ever have I think.

Sue called today to let me know Sascha will be with her tomorrow. So I’m going to try to call and see how he’s doing. Hopefully I’ll be feeling much better. Kharizma and I are gonna go shopping for Thanksgiving on Sunday as well. So yes must feel better.


Thanksgiving is like a week away and it’s already being pushed out for Christmas. It’s amazing. I kind of feel bad for all the people with a retail job. Black Friday is probably the worse shopping day ever. It’s psychotic. Glad I haven’t had to deal with that for awhile. I’m sure Kai is also glad that it’s not a huge day in his line of work. He’d probably shoot himself.

Speaking of Kai he gets 3 days off next week. He gets holiday pay for 1. hooray. I think I shall get off the laptop now and go back to sleep. Ugh.


I’ve been sick for the last couple of days. It’s kicking my butt. We have a fever, migraine, both ears ache, stomach aches, sore throat, chest hurts when I cough, diarrhea and throwing up. AWESOME. I’ve been living on crackers, watered down orange juice, soda water with lemon and some ginger ice cream. Also thank god for Nyquil. I am however super hungry. Hopefully I feel better soon. Otherwise I think I may just shoot myself.

Was looking at compression stockings the other day for my mom. They’ve come a long way. I remember when they were just plain brown ugly things. They even have some pretty tattoo-esque ones for the arms.


Loving that song right now. We talked to Sascha today. Gosh I miss him. It’s hard to believe he’s really 9 now. He read to us for awhile. He’s doing really well. He had to ask Tom for help on a few words but he did really well reading. I’m super proud of him. So is Kai. He got to see Sushi. He of course thinks she’s adorable. :) She is pretty cute. Thanksgiving is coming up quick. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. Pretty soon it will be Christmas and then Fumiko will be 3 and then I’ll be 29. Holy cow. So I’ve lost a total of 21 pounds and gone down 2 belt holes. That’s… huge. It excites me and gives me some hope. Met with Kharizma the other day, love her. Hopefully she and Spencer are eating Thanksgiving with us. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in the area where we were. But it made me wish they’d put exit signs a little further away from my exit so I don’t miss them. -.- Ah well.


Well I’m starting to feel better. My period isn’t kicking my butt so much. I think I still have a bit of a bug though. My stomach still isn’t cooperating and I haven’t been able to keep much of anything down at all. On the plus size I have dropped about 15 pounds! I’ve been thinking about things a lot lately. Part of the reason why I haven’t gone and finished the piercings I want, or gone and had a tattoo done is because I know Kai isn’t fond of them. He’s never asked me not to. But I’ve just felt like it would be a problem. Though recently I’ve really had it on my mind, to at least get my piercings done. I don’t think he’d mind those so much. I only want the other side of my nose done and my cheeks done. I’ve even had jewelry picked out for awhile. I’d want these discs for my cheeks! I kinda of wanted to see about getting my cheeks done for my birthday. But I think it would probably be smart to wait until my braces are off so there isn’t any issues. Well. At least so there aren’t any added issues. I’ve wanted my cheeks and nose done for a very long time. So hopefully I can make it happen eventually. :)

I also want to change the door handles in our house. They’re old… and ugly. Though I’ve wanted to for awhile now. Especially our bedroom door. It would be nice to be able to lock it to keep Fumi out. Unfortunately right now it has no key, it just has the little hole on the outside so you can release the lock if you really need to. It can be really annoying and tricky though. The one on Ben’s door is put in upside down or something so it can have a key. I’m not actually sure how they got it to work. But yeah I’ve been looking at some Kwikset door knobs. They have some pretty ones with a brushed metal look that I like. The door knobs are all a brushed brassy looking color now. I think I’d rather have silver or black knobs.

I also made chocolate chip cookies today. Om nom nom. Sushi is also doing very well. :)


I forgot how sharp kitten claws and teeth were… Holy cow. We’ve had Sushi for 4ish days now. She’s such a sweetie pie. Until she wants to play. Then she eats you alive. Sascha is gonna love her to death. She looks a lot like Blue did. But she’s sweeter. She doesn’t even run from Fumiko at all. She’ll let Fumi poke her and pet her and pull on her and doesn’t do anything but meow to let her know she wants her to stop. Most cats would run for their life. haha She likes to sit on my shoulder like a bird too. Which is something Blue used to do. She likes water too.

After her flea bath in lemon juice and chamomile soap. Worked like a charm! Haven’t seen any more fleas!

I have a couple of reviews to do and one to write, but my period is currently kicking my ass and then some. I was hoping yesterday would be the worst of it. But it appears that it wasn’t. Oh well. Here’s to lots of water today. It’s time to look up some of those Orlando vacation packages! I wish I could go to Florida just for the sunsets and then come home. They’re so pretty there.


Yay. Sascha is 9 today and apparently got lots of presents he liked. :) He liked the lego guy we sent him so that’s good. Though I gave Kai the wrong phone number. >.< So he wasn’t able to get a hold of Sascha. He’ll call tomorrow after school and try to talk to him. Fumiko told him happy birthday, kind of. :) Sounded mostly like happy birthday. I’m glad he had a good day.

I’m not feeling well. I thought at first it was because my period is trying to start. But now I think I picked up a stomach bug of some sorts. Every time I’ve tried to eat it’s made me really sick. Oddly enough this evening I tried to eat a burrito and it didn’t seem to bother me much. So I’m not sure what’s up. I still feel like I’m really feverish though and my migraine isn’t going away. It’s being extremely stubborn. Oh well.

On a side note does anyone know anything about pergo accolade flooring? It’s supposed to be hard wood laminate I think?


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