I forgot how sharp kitten claws and teeth were… Holy cow. We’ve had Sushi for 4ish days now. She’s such a sweetie pie. Until she wants to play. Then she eats you alive. Sascha is gonna love her to death. She looks a lot like Blue did. But she’s sweeter. She doesn’t even run from Fumiko at all. She’ll let Fumi poke her and pet her and pull on her and doesn’t do anything but meow to let her know she wants her to stop. Most cats would run for their life. haha She likes to sit on my shoulder like a bird too. Which is something Blue used to do. She likes water too.

After her flea bath in lemon juice and chamomile soap. Worked like a charm! Haven’t seen any more fleas!

I have a couple of reviews to do and one to write, but my period is currently kicking my ass and then some. I was hoping yesterday would be the worst of it. But it appears that it wasn’t. Oh well. Here’s to lots of water today. It’s time to look up some of those Orlando vacation packages! I wish I could go to Florida just for the sunsets and then come home. They’re so pretty there.

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