Well I’m starting to feel better. My period isn’t kicking my butt so much. I think I still have a bit of a bug though. My stomach still isn’t cooperating and I haven’t been able to keep much of anything down at all. On the plus size I have dropped about 15 pounds! I’ve been thinking about things a lot lately. Part of the reason why I haven’t gone and finished the piercings I want, or gone and had a tattoo done is because I know Kai isn’t fond of them. He’s never asked me not to. But I’ve just felt like it would be a problem. Though recently I’ve really had it on my mind, to at least get my piercings done. I don’t think he’d mind those so much. I only want the other side of my nose done and my cheeks done. I’ve even had jewelry picked out for awhile. I’d want these discs for my cheeks! I kinda of wanted to see about getting my cheeks done for my birthday. But I think it would probably be smart to wait until my braces are off so there isn’t any issues. Well. At least so there aren’t any added issues. I’ve wanted my cheeks and nose done for a very long time. So hopefully I can make it happen eventually. :)

I also want to change the door handles in our house. They’re old… and ugly. Though I’ve wanted to for awhile now. Especially our bedroom door. It would be nice to be able to lock it to keep Fumi out. Unfortunately right now it has no key, it just has the little hole on the outside so you can release the lock if you really need to. It can be really annoying and tricky though. The one on Ben’s door is put in upside down or something so it can have a key. I’m not actually sure how they got it to work. But yeah I’ve been looking at some Kwikset door knobs. They have some pretty ones with a brushed metal look that I like. The door knobs are all a brushed brassy looking color now. I think I’d rather have silver or black knobs.

I also made chocolate chip cookies today. Om nom nom. Sushi is also doing very well. :)

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