GPSmyCity for Portland!

I was contacted recently by to hold a little quiz for those living in Portland, Oregon! GPSmyCity is an iphone app that gives you self guided walking tours of your city. It’s pretty neat. I kind of wish I had an iPhone so I could use it. Currently they have over 2,000 tours spanning over 180 cities worldwide. You can click on the following screenshot to see how it works.

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RT: @toxidlotus Portlanders win a free copy of GPSmyCity by answering 10 questions right!

All you have to do to win a promo code to download the app for free is answer the following questions correctly and email your answers to QUIZ@GPSMYCITY.COM.

Portland Quiz:

1) Go ahead and guess: what is the bumper stickers capital of America? Right. Now to ensure you blend in with the local crowd, it’s utterly important you don’t start laughing and try to guess: “What does WW xd stand for”?

A) World Wide Xanax Doping?
B) What would Xena Do?
C) Wheight Watchers Xyloghagous Diet?

2) Downtown Portland offers residents and visitors a series of remarkably beautiful landmarks, through which can be distinguished the Pioneer Courthouse Square. The Square has fully earned its affectionately given name of:
A) The City’s Cupcake Heaven
B) The city’s Living Room
C) The city’s Playground

3) At the Oregon zoo, one of Portlan’d most delightful places for a family day out, Pachy, the senior elephant in residence gets a birthday party with his own birthday cake every year. Can you guess his favorite flavor?
A) Carrot cake
B) Marble
C) Fruit Cake

4) Our goal is to get you as prepared as possible to face the day-to-day Portland. Therefore note: The most ordered beverage in Portland is a half caff, 16 oz, soy latte. Beware, if you say, half decaf, this will label you as a:
A) Enviromental Studies Student
B) Gay Rights Supporter
C) One confused Non-lOcal

5) Velveteria is one of Portland’s most interesting museums that specializes in: (come on now, take a guess)
A) Velvet Manufacturing History
B) Velvet Celebrity Costumes
C) velvet paintings

6) Mr. Holland’s Opus is a known drama in which Richard Dreyfuss plays Glenn Holland, a musician and composer who takes a teaching job to pay the rent while trying to compose one memorable piece of music to make him famous. Most scenes where shot at this rightfully considered Portland landmark:
A) Ulysses S. Grant High School
B) Pittock Mansion
C) Deady and Villard Halls, University of Oregon

7) There are few places outside of France where you can endulge in such a habit. Portland is one of them. Tourist will be glat to hear that in Portland they can:
A) Wear berets in summertime
B) Appreciate Steak Tartare
C) Take your dog to a pub

8) We don’t want you to get in trouble while visiting one of America’s biggest and funniest cities. Surprisingly or not, in Portland, people are banned from:
A) Whistling underwater
B) Singing in the shower
C) Wearing red on Tuesdays

9) Important for world travelers is the fact that Portland, more than any other city in the United states, has most:
A) Parks
B) Antique Shops
C) French Restaurants

10) An interesting, and often unknown fact is that Portland at one time had (and for the benifit of us all, has reinstated!) a very elaborate:
A) Street Racing Festival
B) Trolley system
C) Annual Pumpkin Pie Eating Comptetition

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