Thanksgiving was good

Thanksgiving went well. I cooked all day. But we had turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, parmesan asiago garlic mashed potatoes, pumpkin and apple pie and homemade whipped cream. Kharizma brought brussels sprouts and her lavender/ginger syrup. Yum. I only managed to hurt myself mildly! The worst of it was the burn on my finger from accidentally turning on the wrong burner. I turned the one under the glass pie plate on and didn’t realize then picked it up burned the crap out of my finger and then dropped it on the floor. For awhile I just had a brownish burn in the shape of a heart almost, then it turned into a giant blister. It remained a blister until Sushi lanced it the other night.

We’ve been living on leftovers and everything is gone except a tiny bit of turkey and some stuffing. Even Sushi has been eating some of the plain turkey with some oil all mixed into her dry food. Tonight though we shall have teriyaki panko breaded tilapia with rice and corn. Yum. It’s been kind of amusing reading all of the Black Friday stories. We were even told about a lady who was burned by some man. She apparently reached over his shoulder to pick something from a top shelf and he burned her with a butane lighter. The police who responded basically chastised her and couldn’t believe she would call them for such a trivial matter. Cause you know being burned by a crazy many isn’t scary or dangerous at all. You’d think she was trying to take his Prada handbags or something the way he reacted. People are crazy on Black Friday. O.O Glad I never go out.

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