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So the last couple of days we’ve been having bizarre issues with our internet. It started yesterday when I started up my computer. Nothing would connect. So I reset the modem. Nothing would connect. So I reset the router…. Nothing would connect… So I disabled the network, waited 20 seconds and re-enabled it. Everything worked! Hoorah! Nope. Not a single browser would connect to anything. So I spent the next hour resetting the modem, and router. Finally after one last router reset it worked. No less than 2 hours later, my browsers stop loading. But Pidgin and WoW connected. I suddenly realized though, if I logged off WoW or pidgin, it wouldn’t let me reconnect. Fast forward to today. I’ve had to disable wait 20 seconds and re-enable the network every 5 minutes to every 2 hours. Also to note. A few other people in our guild on WoW yesterday were having similar issues. :? Wtf?

Tonight when Kai got home he decided to check the router since some friends who were having issues checked their logs and found that they were being attacked. He couldn’t log in to the router… In fact he could load any website, but it wouldn’t connect to the router. So he unplugged the modem from the router, and tried to go to a website. It connected to google… WTF he disconnected the modem. We should have no internet… It connected to every website he went to with the modem unplugged. He ended up having to remove every cable from my computer, and my moms and it finally stopped working. He then ended up having to reset the router to log in. So we have no idea if anyone was attacking or messing around, because it erased the logs and restored defaults. *sigh* I hope we don’t have any more issues. He changed the passwords. So we’ll see.


Please go away. It’s been a terrible week. I’ve not been feeling well. My period completely stopped and started back up full blast no more than 2 days later. Ended after 3 days and now I am spotting off and on and cramping pretty bad. My dad’s birthday was yesterday. I haven’t talked to him in 2 birthdays now. I really miss him. I keep hoping I’ll receive a call or a letter or something from him. But… nothing. I think about him every day. It hurts a lot that his wife has that much control over him. *sigh* Christmas is coming up. We opted to buy Sascha a gift instead of getting a tree or Fumiko anything. I think it was more important for him. She’s still young enough to not really get it and hasn’t noticed we don’t have a tree or any presents. I know it’s not the whole reason for Christmas. But I think it was more important to get Sascha something, even if it wasn’t a lot. I hope he likes it. My mom is currently on the phone with the bank. It seems apple international from I’m not sure where has decided to fraudulently charge our business bank account almost $900 and overdraw it and bounce our insurance and gas payments. Thanks jerkfaces.

I wish Kai were home so I could steal his ipod touch, take a bath and play angry birds. I also wish I had some moscato wine or raspberry lambent. Oh well.


I seriously can’t be hot when I sleep. It makes me physically ill. I didn’t use my fan last night and got way too hot and woke up with a fever blister on my lip. -.- Awesome. It’s very painful. *sigh* So tonight is the release of Cataclysm for WoW. I’m excited. All new stuff. Should be fun trying to get to 85 as quickly as possible. Kai made snickerdoodle cookies late last night and they’re actually delicious. :)

Sushi is getting big so fast. I need to get her a new bed. The cardboard one I shoved under my desk isn’t holding up well. She’s eating it. lol I found some really cute pet beds at Animal House down the street. they had a black one with tatoo print in a good size for her. I really want it. I should have checked the price. Oh well hopefully they have it next time I get her food. I can just check then. Maybe I can get a picture on my phone too.


Because now I want:

  1. Kindle 3G
  2. Skinit Hello Kitty: Wink! Kindle skin
  3. Built Fuschia Neoprene Sleeve

See late night browsing is bad. Admittedly I’d put it to good use. I haven’t purchased books in I can’t even remember how long. Mostly because they seemed to disappear or end up destroyed by children. Yeah it’s been awhile since I’ve read a book. One more thing to add to the list of things I want! I suppose I should try to sleep. My period is kicking my butt as usual. Now I have the added pleasure of my hand having a swollen, super sore, puffy spot on my left palm which hurts through to the other side of my hand. No clue what happened. I can’t recall hitting it at all. It’s quite odd. I also seem to have a terrible stomach ache and a migraine that won’t go away.

Oh and if you live in Oregon and you have an iPhone don’t forget to send in your answers to GPSmyCity for a free copy of the Portland GPSmyCity tour.


I need want to update my site and make it christmasy. Right now I have no idea how to though. I can’t think of anything. Maybe something will come to me at some point before christmas actually happens. I ordered Sascha’s christmas gift and had it shipped to his Grandma Sue’s. Hopefully he likes it. She’s going to wrap it for me since it made more sense to just ship it to her than ship it here and pay extra shipping to wrap it and ship it again.

My cramps are also cramping. I think I overdid it earlier with grocery shopping. Ugh. I’ve been trying not to take any otc pain products. I haven’t taken anything for migraines or pain in several weeks. Though the pain is getting pretty bad and I really want to right now. It’s only the first real day of my period. Oof. Has anyone noticed an increase in spam comments/mail lately. I swear I’ve been getting spam comments almost every day, and lots and lots of extra spam mail especially for directory submission software. I’ve had several people contact me about it and I’m not quite sure if it’s real or not. I’ve updated the spam plugins for wordpress but it hasn’t seemed to help. I guess I shall go browse the wordpress plugins and see if i can find something that might help.


I can’t sleep. So here’s a Christmas wishlist.

  1. Bissel ProHeat 2X Deep Cleaner
  2. 35mm f/1.8 Nikkor lens
  3. Shea Oil + Dragons Breath fragrance oil
  4. African black soap
  5. Sephora gift card

Yep that’s what I would want. Though I really really want a carpet cleaner. I’d be super happy with that. The black african soap is awesome for acne. I’ve used the shea moisture brand for a long time, but I’ve heard really good things about coastal scents soap. I need a good oil for winter because my skin gets so dry that it cracks and hurts. The shea oil looks awesome and is pretty cheap so I’ve wanted to try that for awhile. I’ve heard it helps with acne and by helps I mean it doesn’t make it worse. haha. It’s cheaper than nanocleanse products yo. And camera lens speaks for itself. I miss having a fully functioning lens. Though all of the things on my list will probably wait until we have our tax refund and get things paid off. Would like to at least get the carpet cleaner and my lens then. Yes wishful thinking months ahead of time for the win.


We got some stuff to make pizzas with today when we went to get Sascha’s christmas card and Fumiko’s diapering stuff. Holy cow I think I may be sick. Kai put like 2 pounds of mozarella and cheddar cheese on his pizza along with another 2 pounds of salami and pepperoni. I took one bite and couldn’t eat anymore. Mine however was super tasty. I did light mozarella, pepperoni, onion, green olive, and siracha sauce. Nom nom. Was tasty. Fumiko liked it too. I also finally got the Litehouse yogurt caesar dressing. They have 3 I think new dressings that are made with yogurt. I was happy to see that one was caesar. So I got that instead of the normal Litehouse Caesar that I usually get. I must say I like it. It doesn’t have a yogurt taste. But it has a tang that is just yummy.

I kind of want some wine. But all we have is this chocolate liqueur that someone left at Kai’s work a few weeks ago. Which might I add tastes nothing like chocolate, but isn’t that bad when put in coffee. People seem to forget things frequently at his store. A couple of months ago someone else left a brand new bottle of $100 indoor tanning lotion. No one ever came back for it so they had to throw it out. I bet that person was a little upset. Though I can’t say I’d actually spend that much money on tanning lotion. Or actually ever go tanning. haha.


Hooray it’s December! Lots of birthdays incoming. Also holy cow, I’m still getting over being sick. I got sick during my last period. I just started my next. I’d like to be well already please. Thanks. Fumiko is still also getting over whatever the heck this was. We’re both still congested and kind of icky feeling. I have 4 reviews to get up. I shall be doing that this week. One is from quite awhile ago that I actually somehow completely forgot about. :frust: Oops.

Sushi is getting bigger. She’s losing her baby fuzz and getting real cat hair. It’s pretty cute. She has this layer of see through fuzz and then her new fur which is laying down. She’s also looking less kittenish and more catlike. My moms laptop appears to also be dying. Ugh. The screen has been freaking out for about a year now and recently the mouse started… not really working. To the point where she has to take the battery out to get it to work. It’s too bad that it’s so old the laptop insurance she got with it is well long gone and useless. Oh well she still has her desktop computer. It’s just not as convenient.


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