Oof I’m full

We got some stuff to make pizzas with today when we went to get Sascha’s christmas card and Fumiko’s diapering stuff. Holy cow I think I may be sick. Kai put like 2 pounds of mozarella and cheddar cheese on his pizza along with another 2 pounds of salami and pepperoni. I took one bite and couldn’t eat anymore. Mine however was super tasty. I did light mozarella, pepperoni, onion, green olive, and siracha sauce. Nom nom. Was tasty. Fumiko liked it too. I also finally got the Litehouse yogurt caesar dressing. They have 3 I think new dressings that are made with yogurt. I was happy to see that one was caesar. So I got that instead of the normal Litehouse Caesar that I usually get. I must say I like it. It doesn’t have a yogurt taste. But it has a tang that is just yummy.

I kind of want some wine. But all we have is this chocolate liqueur that someone left at Kai’s work a few weeks ago. Which might I add tastes nothing like chocolate, but isn’t that bad when put in coffee. People seem to forget things frequently at his store. A couple of months ago someone else left a brand new bottle of $100 indoor tanning lotion. No one ever came back for it so they had to throw it out. I bet that person was a little upset. Though I can’t say I’d actually spend that much money on tanning lotion. Or actually ever go tanning. haha.

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  • I don’t think you can ever have enough cheese on pizza. Mmmm, delicious.