I need to update

I need want to update my site and make it christmasy. Right now I have no idea how to though. I can’t think of anything. Maybe something will come to me at some point before christmas actually happens. I ordered Sascha’s christmas gift and had it shipped to his Grandma Sue’s. Hopefully he likes it. She’s going to wrap it for me since it made more sense to just ship it to her than ship it here and pay extra shipping to wrap it and ship it again.

My cramps are also cramping. I think I overdid it earlier with grocery shopping. Ugh. I’ve been trying not to take any otc pain products. I haven’t taken anything for migraines or pain in several weeks. Though the pain is getting pretty bad and I really want to right now. It’s only the first real day of my period. Oof. Has anyone noticed an increase in spam comments/mail lately. I swear I’ve been getting spam comments almost every day, and lots and lots of extra spam mail especially for directory submission software. I’ve had several people contact me about it and I’m not quite sure if it’s real or not. I’ve updated the spam plugins for wordpress but it hasn’t seemed to help. I guess I shall go browse the wordpress plugins and see if i can find something that might help.

About me

I run this blog! This blog is a personal blog for all things beauty related. I love swatching, reviewing and hosting giveaways. I've been blogging since I was 16 years old... That's uh a long time. I am now 34! Sometimes I like to blog about my life and what is going on, but not often anymore. I hope you enjoy my blog posts!

  • I did the same with sending gifts to family this year. Rather than pay shipping to me then to them, I just had things directly shipped to my mom, stepdad, brother, maternal grandmother and her husband, aunt and cousin in CA then also to my twin sister and her husband and daughter in Germany. It’s so much easier that way.

  • I hope you feel better!!! Cramps always suck… mine aren’t nearly as bad as they were when I was younger, but I still get ’em pretty bad. Does a heating pad help??