My Christmas wishlist… partially.

I can’t sleep. So here’s a Christmas wishlist.

  1. Bissel ProHeat 2X Deep Cleaner
  2. 35mm f/1.8 Nikkor lens
  3. Shea Oil + Dragons Breath fragrance oil
  4. African black soap
  5. Sephora gift card

Yep that’s what I would want. Though I really really want a carpet cleaner. I’d be super happy with that. The black african soap is awesome for acne. I’ve used the shea moisture brand for a long time, but I’ve heard really good things about coastal scents soap. I need a good oil for winter because my skin gets so dry that it cracks and hurts. The shea oil looks awesome and is pretty cheap so I’ve wanted to try that for awhile. I’ve heard it helps with acne and by helps I mean it doesn’t make it worse. haha. It’s cheaper than nanocleanse products yo. And camera lens speaks for itself. I miss having a fully functioning lens. Though all of the things on my list will probably wait until we have our tax refund and get things paid off. Would like to at least get the carpet cleaner and my lens then. Yes wishful thinking months ahead of time for the win.

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