Late night browsing is bad…

Because now I want:

  1. Kindle 3G
  2. Skinit Hello Kitty: Wink! Kindle skin
  3. Built Fuschia Neoprene Sleeve

See late night browsing is bad. Admittedly I’d put it to good use. I haven’t purchased books in I can’t even remember how long. Mostly because they seemed to disappear or end up destroyed by children. Yeah it’s been awhile since I’ve read a book. One more thing to add to the list of things I want! I suppose I should try to sleep. My period is kicking my butt as usual. Now I have the added pleasure of my hand having a swollen, super sore, puffy spot on my left palm which hurts through to the other side of my hand. No clue what happened. I can’t recall hitting it at all. It’s quite odd. I also seem to have a terrible stomach ache and a migraine that won’t go away.

Oh and if you live in Oregon and you have an iPhone don’t forget to send in your answers to GPSmyCity for a free copy of the Portland GPSmyCity tour.

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