Ugh Heat

I seriously can’t be hot when I sleep. It makes me physically ill. I didn’t use my fan last night and got way too hot and woke up with a fever blister on my lip. -.- Awesome. It’s very painful. *sigh* So tonight is the release of Cataclysm for WoW. I’m excited. All new stuff. Should be fun trying to get to 85 as quickly as possible. Kai made snickerdoodle cookies late last night and they’re actually delicious. :)

Sushi is getting big so fast. I need to get her a new bed. The cardboard one I shoved under my desk isn’t holding up well. She’s eating it. lol I found some really cute pet beds at Animal House down the street. they had a black one with tatoo print in a good size for her. I really want it. I should have checked the price. Oh well hopefully they have it next time I get her food. I can just check then. Maybe I can get a picture on my phone too.

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  • i hate fever blisters… aren’t they called canker sores? or something? yeah when i sleep it must be at least 68 degrees inside. :) i then cover myself with all my quilts hehe.. what kind of animal i sushi?