Hello little rain cloud…

Please go away. It’s been a terrible week. I’ve not been feeling well. My period completely stopped and started back up full blast no more than 2 days later. Ended after 3 days and now I am spotting off and on and cramping pretty bad. My dad’s birthday was yesterday. I haven’t talked to him in 2 birthdays now. I really miss him. I keep hoping I’ll receive a call or a letter or something from him. But… nothing. I think about him every day. It hurts a lot that his wife has that much control over him. *sigh* Christmas is coming up. We opted to buy Sascha a gift instead of getting a tree or Fumiko anything. I think it was more important for him. She’s still young enough to not really get it and hasn’t noticed we don’t have a tree or any presents. I know it’s not the whole reason for Christmas. But I think it was more important to get Sascha something, even if it wasn’t a lot. I hope he likes it. My mom is currently on the phone with the bank. It seems apple international from I’m not sure where has decided to fraudulently charge our business bank account almost $900 and overdraw it and bounce our insurance and gas payments. Thanks jerkfaces.

I wish Kai were home so I could steal his ipod touch, take a bath and play angry birds. I also wish I had some moscato wine or raspberry lambent. Oh well.

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