WTF Interwebs

So the last couple of days we’ve been having bizarre issues with our internet. It started yesterday when I started up my computer. Nothing would connect. So I reset the modem. Nothing would connect. So I reset the router…. Nothing would connect… So I disabled the network, waited 20 seconds and re-enabled it. Everything worked! Hoorah! Nope. Not a single browser would connect to anything. So I spent the next hour resetting the modem, and router. Finally after one last router reset it worked. No less than 2 hours later, my browsers stop loading. But Pidgin and WoW connected. I suddenly realized though, if I logged off WoW or pidgin, it wouldn’t let me reconnect. Fast forward to today. I’ve had to disable wait 20 seconds and re-enable the network every 5 minutes to every 2 hours. Also to note. A few other people in our guild on WoW yesterday were having similar issues. :? Wtf?

Tonight when Kai got home he decided to check the router since some friends who were having issues checked their logs and found that they were being attacked. He couldn’t log in to the router… In fact he could load any website, but it wouldn’t connect to the router. So he unplugged the modem from the router, and tried to go to a website. It connected to google… WTF he disconnected the modem. We should have no internet… It connected to every website he went to with the modem unplugged. He ended up having to remove every cable from my computer, and my moms and it finally stopped working. He then ended up having to reset the router to log in. So we have no idea if anyone was attacking or messing around, because it erased the logs and restored defaults. *sigh* I hope we don’t have any more issues. He changed the passwords. So we’ll see.

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