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I’m not sure if I wrote about the um disaster that happened to all of my makeup awhile back. But it pretty much consisted of me being sick, taking some pain pills going to bed and waking up to Fumiko being covered in all of my cosmetics… Apparently I had left my makeup bag on my desk along with my eyeshadow palette from coastal and Kai had put her down for a nap then went to spend time in the bathroom. And well you know how most guys spend forever in the bathroom? Yep she had ample time to get up get my stuff and destroy it. I had several hundred dollars worth of items in there. I had just purchased new eyeliner and some eyeshadow with some of our tax refund. It would have lasted me the year. All gone. And all my brushed caked in foundation, primer, eye liner, and blush. I was beyond livid. The only thing that managed to survive was a blush stick and my mascara. And only because they were up on a shelf in the bathroom. So anyways. I’ve been looking at and lusting over makeup pretty much ever since. Waiting for the time when I have a little extra money to replace a few things. I’ve been mostly lusting over Sugarpill and Lime Crime. I’ve never purchased from them, but I suppose now that I have nothing it’s the perfect time. I’m not sure how many of you have ever heard of them or would even be interested in what they carry, since they make highly pigmented shadows and lipstick. But I for one LOVE them. I do love some bright colors though. :shifty:

I shall have to list what I’d like to get from E.L.F. later. I also found an organic mineral company on Etsy which looks promising. :) These serve as a reminder for what I’d like and hopefully someone will run across something they didn’t know about previously as well.


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