Holy cow I feel terrible. I completely missed posting a review that I should have posted several months ago. I had apparently saved it as a draft, I’m not sure why but it appears I hadn’t added an image to it so I probably needed to run an errand or do something for Fumiko. But I had completely forgotten that I had saved it as a draft and thought I posted it. I was going through my emails tonight to double check my reviews that I needed to post and found the email with no response. So I came to check thinking oh crap I forgot to email her and let her know I reviewed it. Only to find that holy crap I forgot to post my review. :( I am very embarrassed and very sorry and am going to go email her now explaining my stupidity and profoundly apologizing. I will totally understand if she wishes to not work with me for reviews anymore, but here’s to hoping she is extremely understanding!

Also on that note, I have a review to post for GoodVibrations and EdenFantasys! I’m hoping to have those up tomorrow, and then I will be all caught up!

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  • *giggle* :LAUGH: It happens. My last review took me several weeks to get to because 1) it arrived the day AFTER I went out of town and 2) I completely forgot about it for a week. But at least we both finally remembered :)

    In this same sort of vein, I apologize for not being here an commenting more! I’ve been slacking real bad in this department and swear it will improve <3