When is your anniversary?

So Kai and I recently had our 4th anniversary[did you know that it’s the anniversary year of fruit?], alright well it was November 12th. We didn’t get to do much due to finances but I found a neat website for our anniversary gifts for next year! Just Paper Roses is a pretty neat site.

They sell well paper roses as well as other things and they even sell wedding anniversary gifts by year. They have a list of gifts for each year on there up to your 20th anniversary, then they have 25th, and 50th too. I really liked their 3rd year gift, it was leather roses. They’re pretty lovely, you can see them over there to the left. Then even come in all black. :) They have several other gift options. Like for next year which will be our 5th anniversary it’s the gift of wood. So they have a pretty bloodwood rose, a wood candle and wood roses. :) They even have a teddy bear! Go check them out.

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