Oh THE Cravings!

Seriously. I do hate this time of the month. For two, okay there are way more but two MAIN reasons.

  1. Acne. Yes, the acne that starts a week before my period starts, and ends about a week after.
  2. Cravings. Yes cravings of doom!

Right now, a lone the craving for Sushi & Maki’s Spicy Tuna Roll w/Avocado is about 200x worse than it normally is. Yes I crave it a lot. But I also want ube ice cream, mango ice cream, Drunkard’s Pad Thai from Arawan’s, a bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys with lettuce, tomato, sauteed onions and jalopeno[Mmmmmm], a caesar salad from Outback, oh and a Fire Ball from Sushi & Maki, chili[which I’m going to make Saturday], salsa from Casa Lupe’s in my hometown in California[which I’ll be trying to make on Saturday as well] and yeah many other things.

I made curry stew for dinner, which by the way did not agree with me. I had a terrible stomach ache all night. I think I might skip it for dinner tonight. I also have yet to eat today and am contemplating making some oatmeal. I am pretty hungry right now. Actually I am suddenly so hungry I think I may throw up.

Also does anyone know of a tool other than Blackbird Pie for embedding tweets? I’ve seen some with a retweet/reply link but Blackbird Pie doesn’t seem to add that?

Also, also as much as I love my desktop, there are times, like today in fact that I wish I had the use of custom laptops so I could stay in bed and be productive instead of forcing myself to get up working for a few minutes and then crawling back to bed to die for awhile. Maybe some day.

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