Mmm Chili & Salsa

Boy I’m going to need some bad ass diet pills after eating all of the chili in the giant pot I made. Thankfully the salsa is much healthier, at least until I put it on those yummy corn chips… :p But really I made homemade chili today, and salsa. It’s delicious. Even Kai liked it a lot. He’s super picky with salsa. I only wish I had some corn or green bell pepper for the chili. Oh well it’s still good. I used garbanzo, pinto and black beans in it, fresh ground beef and canned tomatoes. For seasoning I used the chili powder from Penzey’s along with some extra cumin, cayenne and smoked paprika. Now I shall go pass back out. I think it took all of my energy to make that. My period is kicking my ass as per usual. All I had yesterday was water and a couple of oranges. Today I made myself make oatmeal for breakfast and then had some chili/salsa.

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