Ouch My Vagina…

So you know how yesterday I mentioned I had made chili and salsa? With jalapeños? Well well all know, well at least some of us know that jalapeños are freaking hot and you shouldn’t touch your eyes or other erm sensitive areas after handling jalapeños, right? Right. Well I apparently forgot… Last night I went to the bathroom as usual, only this time, I had jalapeños residue of doom on my fingers. Now mind you, by this time I’d had to have washed my hands at least 10 or more times. Though both of my thumbs still burned unpleasantly from cutting the jalapeños. My vagina burned, it burned baaaad. Anyways I came out of the bathroom, really annoyed. So Kai asked me what was wrong… So I blurt out “My vagina burns! And I didn’t not touch the toilet paper, except that I folded the toilet paper. Fuck.” and he just starts laughing. Like really, really laughing. Thankfully though it didn’t last too long. But still. Lesson learned. Wear gloves when cutting jalapeños, just in case you might have to go to the bathroom you know anytime in the next week.

Also Kai told me last night that I made too much salsa. And that I should probably make like half of half next time. Guess who has no more salsa? Yup. All that is left is the salsa juice, which is mighty tasty in the chili with chips. Mmmm.

Alsooooo. Something to note, I’ll be doing a couple of reviews as soon as my period decides to take its leave, and I’ll also be giving away one of the items I have to review. So check back soon so you don’t miss it. :)

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  • Persephone

    omg! I thought I was the only person who had done that! I did that same damn thing like 4 years ago!! PAAAIN!!

    • lol! I was beginning to think I was the only one.

  • misstresss

    Ohh wow. lol @_@

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  • Yikes! Sorry to hear about the burning your girly parts sustained. Also, I like the new header. Very Valentine’s Day appropriate!